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  1. First game de-synced, I accidentally logged it. The 7-0 win for TOR needs to be changed to a 6-3 win for TOR.
  2. I uploaded two of my games to YouTube. They're available here: http://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLfkzp9Qh17mB0_ZRU9N7WeVh7hJ5Otbll I'll continue to update that playlist as I play more games. I plan on uploading a video for each of my games. NOTE: I'm missing recordings of 7 of my first 9 games. If any of my opponents (JayLighter420, MrSandman, MrDerp4321) have KREC files for any of our games, please send them along to me. I'll prepare them and upload to YouTube.
  3. My contact is actually: wheelsoffire3 (at) gmail.com
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