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  1. Okay, I get it. sorry for ragging on you
  2. Just some notes on the U of M gophers: Kellen Briggs is no longer on the team, Alex Kangas is now the starter Okoposo is no longer on the team Our jersey colors are all wrong Did you use last year's rosters by chance? I can help update the Gophers roster if you want
  3. Great rom, I'm enjoying it. Any chance of a WCHA version anytime soon?
  4. I don't have a life eather, I'm a High School senior. I piss people off for a living
  5. Sorry for not explaining it better. I really don't know what it's supposed to look like because I've never edited any of the images before, but here you go: TLP TM
  6. I am trying to edit the graphics/ team ratings, whatever, but when I open up eather Tile Layer Pro or Tile Molester, it says the .bin i'm trying to edit isnt a supported file and when I open it anyways, it turns all weird. what's the deal?
  7. Wow, great work. that's amazing. Thanks for taking up all my time that should be spent on homework
  8. I know its great how it is, but im doing this for a school project
  9. Hey, I know im a noob at this still, but I have planned out a MSHL (minnesota high school leauge) hockey hack. I am almost done (a month or so if i work at it; for sure over christmas break) but im having a hard time figuring out the graphics. I am doing all the hard work like unis, lines, players, goalies, lines and all that stuff. So here's what Im gonna do: I want someone to collab with me, just doing the graphics, here's what I need: Center Ice logos Title screen So, please, help me out! Thanks, --Matt (hornet)
  10. Lol thanks guys. but I'm not little. I'm 16, for crying out loud!
  11. I almost always lose to the computer ><
  12. Yep, but i finally scored 10 goals, so im getting better Whats the deflection button?
  13. yeah 10 min. periods. I do one timers (though they rarely work) but I usualy use hits/ screens/ deflections
  14. How can you guys score 100 goals in a game? the most ive scored in a game is 3