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  1. Are you still around on this site?

  2. i apologize but i can no longer continue in gens classic a. i am retiring from league play for good, and will be away from the site for a while. i'm having personal issues in my life at this time unrelated to anything here. best of luck to all.
  3. LOL that picture is pretty funny heh. Is that undertaker? Yeh A league definetely is harder, thats for sure. I "might" be .500 at best with a team suited for me. It probably would only have bought me maybe another couple of wins. There are guys better than me in this league and more experienced. I guess I just need some time to adjust to the players and get used to everything. I have definetely been humbled! I will say that! But perhaps this will build character lol. I'm just pissed at myself though for being so stupid. NY is definetely not the right team for me but maybe I can get used to them (hahaha yeh right).
  4. Maybe I'll swap tikk for amonte, thanks for the idea. Maybe the Rangers suited SWOS style better. Honestly SWOS is probably a better player than I am, too lol. The thing with me is I rely on sturdy guys who dont go own easy. My passing game sucks. I play a more puck possession game. These guys make playing like that almost impossible. They go down like nothing. Oh well theres always next year.
  5. I'm gonna try to put turcotte at center. gartner at center has done little for me, i think i need him back on the wing. then I'll put tikkanen on the other wing. messier gets scratched, he sucks balls big time.
  6. Hey thanks man. You're right, I need to man up here lol. I just wish a picked a better team although quite honestly I havent been playing that well either.
  7. lol ok I just had to vent, thanks sorry man. I used to wonder why nobody ever picked the Rangers for league play, but now I know why! Thanks for the tip about Tikk and Messier. Messier is so utterly worthless in this game its beyond words. I dont think I have one goal with him so far and he does nothing but eat donuts and fall down all the time. Oh well, there's always next season.
  8. After losing 2 more games to BoKnowsNHL94 I do not know how much more of this I can endure. Picking the NY Rangers for classic was the worst mistake I ever made. After winning the GENS B championship last Spring this year has been nothing short of a nightmare for me. This team is beyond horrible. They are a complete and total embarrassment. NOT ONE PLAYER ON THIS TEAM CAN SKATE MORE THAN 1 SECOND WITHOUT THE WIND BLOWING THEM OVER. They do NOTHING but get in each others way. They do not compliment each other AT ALL. They are all a bunch of FATSOS and with the weight bug, that is a recipe for DISASTER. THEY CANT COMPLETE ONE PASS. Every pass attempt they make bounces off the other guys ass. I dont know what to do. I guess I'll finish off the season, I dont know. Gens A has tougher players for sure, but this team makes it IMPOSSIBLE to win. PLEASE KILL ME.
  9. I'm in the 94 league, but my true love is 93 and quite honestly that's all I play with friends (on the actual console) and when I just feel like playing by myself. I play it so much that I feel I've mastered it much better than I have 94 (I have always been terrible at goalie control for example, never could get used to holding down the b button and prefer to play without having to do that). 93 is very different from 94. Different bounces, etc. I'd love to join your 93 league whenever it starts. I have never considered joining another league besides gens classic 94, but a 93 league I would definetely join.
  10. I'm available tomorrow and around 1 am any other day. thu and fri i can play earlier thanks look forward to playing you
  11. I'm available tomorrow and around 1 am any other day. thu and fri i can play earlier thanks look forward to playing you
  12. Yeh that would be great. I wonder too if someone could just record the game, and flip through all the ratings. I could then pause the video for each team and copy it that way too. I doubt it'll happen though. I hope clockwise comes out with his annual rom this year. I'm not sure what he's gonna do considering the lockout and everything.
  13. I guess noone knows where to get NHL 13 ratings online. Sucks. I wish EA's site had them posted. I dont know how I'm gonna do the rom without the ratings.
  14. I would love a 93 league. I love NHLPA 93, the way the puck bounces makes it such a fun game.
  15. Yeh I'm not sure what to do thats why I posted lol. I will try my best to get the 6 games in by tomorrow cuz I dont get home unil 1 am the other nights as those are my work hours.
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