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  1. Hi Martin, I am a big fan of this game, still playing it on many occasions. I have no bloody idea about hacking/modding NHL95 PC, so I'm sorry I can't help you. But I just wanted to encourage you to finish your work. Such complete update of NHL95 PC to current season would be one of the best things to happen in 2013 I hope you'll realease it soon. It'll be much appreciated. Good luck and thanks!
  2. Hi, we had no problems with calibration, the puck on a calibration screen was stable. I think you should disable "Timed intervalls for axis" option in dosbox. In D-fend, the dosbox frontend I use, it can be done in "Joystick" menu. You'll find this menu by right-clicking on nhl95 profile and then selecting "Edit". Without a frontend you you'll have to edit a configuration file, but I don't know how exactly. (I'm not completly sure whether "Time intervalls" should be enabled or disabled. Just fix this option's status to opposite to the one that is set in your dosbox now:)) Hope it'll work.
  3. Hi Hannu, you mean you tried to map dosbox's virtual joystick buttons to your real, material gamepad? Or otherwise? I didn't do this before, cause we always wanted to use only keyboards, but few minutes ago I took my gamepad and tried to enable it in dosbox just for Nhl 95. It worked! Skating as well as shooting/passing. What I did: 1. I'm using D-fend Reloaded frontend 2. I set "Joystick type" in "Joystick" menu to AUTO (in d-fend you'll find this menu clicking rmb on nhl95 profile and selecting "edit") 3. I started nhl95, then pressed ctrl+f1 to open the internal mapper 4. In mapper: under the qwerty keyboard and above the "shutdown-capmouse-fullscreen" keys you see two virtual joysticks. Only the left one is of our concern. 5. Y-/Y+/X-/X+ should be related to a directional pad of your gamepad - but you wrote this worked for you. 6. Buttons. Most important: you should click button "1" and delete its default binding! Next, do the same with button "2". If you leave the default bindings and add your desired ones, it's possible that conflicts will occur and buttons won't work. 7. After having removed default bindigs I remapped virtual joystick buttons to my gamepad buttons. Button "1" is for pass, button "2" is for shot. I played one period with my gamepad - no problems, besides I'm so accustomed to play with keyboard I wasn't able to construct one decent offensive action The procedure is actually the same if you're remapping virtual joystick to keyboard. I'm afraid I've written this pseudo-tutorial in some chaotic manner, but I hope it'll help nevertheless. But if it won't help - don't hesitate to ask. cheers ps: I used a generic low-end low-priced gamepad.
  4. Great effort, thx! But AFAIK much easier way to do that exists. Dosbox has a built-in keyboard remapper. It can be activated by Ctrl+f1 anytime during game (so not from fontend level). It can do actually what ppjoy does but it's faster and more accessible. It is possible to map joystick moves and buttons to any key. Moreover, you can remap every key to other one, so you're no longer sentenced to use inconvenient "space-shot, alt-pass" layout. There's also no problem with calibrating such virtual joystick on the calibration screen in NHL95PC. I've played many games with my friend on two keyboards (laptop's one and another one on usb). I was using uhjk for skating, s for passing (it didn't mess the sound up, so I think dosbox remapper must overdrive standard in-game bindings), and d for shooting. He chose cursor keys and I don't remember what else, but it was working flawlessly. It applies to every dos game with hot-seat two player mode limited to keyboard vs. joystick setup as well as to dos games with unflexible keyboard lay-out. Cheers, Maciek