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  1. There aren't too many people in this world who can say they gave a performance so good that it completely changed the television industry, and now there's one fewer. R.I.P. Gandolfini.

  2. Third boxcar, midnight train,Destination Banger, MaineOld worn out suit and shoesI don't pay no union duesI smoke old stogies I have foundShort, but not too big aroundI'm a man of means by no meansKing of the road.

  3. Come play a pub quiz tonight! Bring your friends! 8pm at Bull Feeney's!

  4. Nobody'd want to be in my place instead of me,'cause nobody go crazy when I'm bangin' on my boogie

  5. Yeah, all my attribute changes were done to the CPU team. For instance, on Buffalo, Hawerchuk and Lafontaine have a 25 and Mogilny has a 65. I put Mogilny at 100 and saw no change, so then I put Mogilny at 25 and Lafontaine at 100, and I still saw no change. The same for Mogilny, Lafontaine at 25 and Hawerchuk at 100, all of them at 100, and all of them at 25. I'm going to keep testing it because I want it to be something, so maybe it'll show up in more data.
  6. Oh really? I never would have thought to test it like that. I'll change it for now, and add that to the test list. Thanks!
  7. Okay, I'll fill in endurance. Passing speed is mostly qualitative but there did seem to be a difference. That's still in testing, and I will continue to test pass/shot bias. The reasoning makes sense (it does closely correlate to assist/goal ratios from the seasons before the game's release), but I just can't make it show in statistics. Right now, the stats say it does nothing (nothing changes in the stats, whether it's maxed, or bottomed up, or any combination of the two between players), but I don't have enough data to be as confident as I'd like to be.
  8. So since I joined a week or two ago, I've been hard at work developing my first rom (a proper and complete international rom). It's being done almost completely within statto's editor, which makes things pretty easy, but by far the most frustrating thing has been slogging through a million threads trying to find the relevant opinions on one topic: the attributes that are not immediately obvious. Namely: Off Awareness, Def Awareness, Checking, Stick Handling, ???????, and Aggression. Some of these I've found to have pretty easy answers, others I still have nothing conclusive. I'd like to develo
  9. So I'm new, not planning to be super active in posting on the forum, because I tend to find less than enough time to keep up with all of that. I am looking to get the hang of online games for both the SNES and GENS (better on SNES, grew up on it), and **have a special AIM name (BJTaylorNHL94)** for it, so if I'm online, I'm likely willing to play. I also have some ideas for basic modwork I'd like to do, so when I do post, it'll likely be in regards to that. Thanks for all the mods and such that people have posted on here and I have already been enjoying. This place is great!