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  1. Ya..the '12 playoff edition is incredible! I would kill to be able to play it on my Genesis on the big screen! Thanks for the help! I will shoot him an email
  2. Hey Man..thanks! I am a bit of a newbie, but do you mean the game file when you say rom? I am currently playing pixelpucks NHL12 playoff edition.
  3. Is this still coming? The work you put in on these is incredible!
  4. Are the Sega carts still available!? I am willing to pay extra if you can get me one by next weekend..this looks incredible!
  5. Thanks! Was playing Clockwise's version last night and @ 8:30 this morning..SICK! Any chance I could add white ice..is there a patch? This is all new to me so I am giddy with all the new features. Cant wait to have a tourney before FLyers Devils tomm afternoon
  6. Ive only downloaded the bin files. How does the patch work? Do I just apply it to the NHL 94 file?
  7. I will check it out tonight..thanks! Best site on the web...
  8. Newbie here...you guys are geniuses! I am dying for this update. I got the 2010 version, but I dont want to play with those 2 dbags on the Flyers (Richards & Carter). Any idea when this will be released?! It looks incredible!