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  1. Hay Geniuses, Rookie here. Eare won't open my rom for editing. When I go to open is says this: There was an inconsistency with the number of selectable teams in playoff games. The number has been set to 1. Please select the number of teams you desire on the 'selectable teams' window and click apply. So then as I open Eare it crashes before I get a chance to do what I gotta do. Any ideas of how about to get around this problem?? I've been using TM and Nose so far without issues. Thanks everybody Appreciated.
  2. Hi PlabaxV2, Do you know where I could find a rom for all round editing. I've been practising with 2-3 different ones cos some are limited with what I can edit...eg ice logos, palettes etc. Thanks Again, Dave
  3. I've made some changes to an ice logo. It appeared without any issues. Then I changed a different team but I was back to square 1 when I went to play it in the game.The logos went back to their originals.
  4. All is going well now I need to start work on the logos at the intro screen now but I notice that the palettes change to different colours in the game itself. Is there a universal or all round palette that can be used? Some logos are restricted to maybe 4 colours and I'd like to change them to totally different colours....any ideas?
  5. Perfect... and I now have a choice of 3-4 palettes blues and purples and blacks
  6. OK All is good except that the only option palettes are blacks, purples and blues, there seems to be no multi colour palette though. This is ok?
  7. PlabaxV2 This may be my final question. When I am happy with my banner in paint...how do I replace it over the original banners. When I tried to copy from paint it wouldnt paste in TMol. I think that is all for now....you will hope. Thnaks again Dave
  8. Horaay! I did what you said above. Everything Is lined out and ready to edit. My only issue now is copying and pasting into tile mol over the original banners. When I made a new banner in paint and tried to paste it over the palette turned dark green and brown. hmmmm
  9. Ive been using the original......is there a patch or add on or is the 30 team rom somewhere to be found to download ?
  10. OK, that's easier so. Only one more question..... but probably not actually. After im done in paint and i want to import into tile molester, where exactly do i replace the edited banner. I ask this because Ive found it impossible to line up perfectly the banners...or anything for that matter. Thanks for your help...sorry for annoying you with all these trivial questions. Dave
  11. Would photoshop be good to open your attachment and edit/copy and paste? What you think?
  12. Ok...that sounds promising....So where exactly should I copy and paste the letters to. Also how do I isolate the banner to paste the ordered letters on to? Sorry for being a dunce...I'm still learning how to do all this.....it's interesting though! Cheers Dave
  13. Grrrrrrrrrr Hi, Guys, you are the experts and I am the novice....I really need your help changing the names of the banners. I've been using tlp and tilemol but I'm finding it long slow and tedious, mainly cos on tlp I cant arrange the tiles properly because they seem to overlap behind other tiles eg Anaheims last tile I can't find cos its behind another....probably boston. On tilemolester the problem is that even with tutorial 11 by evan...its so difficult to line up the banners. Is there an easier way to change the names at all. I have no problems with the banner colours so far...thank God. Anyways...Help would be much appreciated guys. Best, Dave
  14. Also tried nhl97 version but again no good. Let me know if you have any success:)_