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  1. Lol thanks Halifax, I couldn't have done it without you!
  2. Hey Guys, I'm not going to be able to finish this season of SDL. I'm entering my last semester at grad school, I just found out I'm going to need to learn new computer software at my job, I'm going on vacation soon, and I'm looking to move as well. I was hoping to get a bunch of games in yesterday, but I only played two coaches. This is a great league, the draft and the few games I played were a lot fun. Houly and I had a 10-9 instant classic on news year day. I'm gonna be sitting out Classic this spring as well. I'll be back for leagues in the fall. Sorry for any inconvenience, I believe NorthwayNative is looking to take over a team. My password for the website is Salon686. GL everyone! Rumnock and Balicki, you're my boys, win some championships while I'm gone and make sure you beat Plabax lol. Regards, Rob(TheLegend86)
  3. Game 1: LA 6 vs 4 BUF Game 2: LA 4 vs 3 BUF Game 3: BUF 1 vs 4 LA Game 4: BUF 6 vs 5 LA: Game 5: LA 7 vs 5 BUF TheLegend86(LA) wins the series 4-1. Good final Plabax, close games.
  4. Scoring/PP/PK 1 LW Theoren Fleury 14 C Esa TIkkanen 10 RW Alexander Mogilny 89 LD Gord Murphy 28 RD Gary Suter 20 X Mats Sundin 13 G Darren Puppa 1 Scoring/PP/PK 2 LW Steve Thomas 32 C Mats Sundin 13 RW Peter Bondra 12 LD Mark Tinordi 24 RD Garth Butcher 5 X Alexander Mogilny 89 G Darren Puppa 1 Back up Kirk Mclean 35(New Number)
  5. CHI(jbalicki10) @ LA(TheLegend86) Game 1: CHI 0 - 1 LA OT Game 2: CHI 8 - 1 LA Game 3: LA 4 - 3 CHI Game 4: LA 6 - 5 CHI OT Game 5: CHI 2 - 4 LA LA Wins Series 4-1. Great Series Balicki!
  6. That's class right there. This community sure beats playing with the usual Xbox live crowd. I'll see you on AIM for some exhibition games Oilers.
  7. Thanks for filling in for Hartford, good series!
  8. Thanks, 8PM Eastern is good for me.
  9. HI, I'm looking to get confirmed to play in the SNES league. My AIM screen name is salon686@hotmail.com and I'm on in the evening. I'd greatly appreciate it if a veteran coach can contact me for a test game so I can get confirmed. Thanks.
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