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  1. I cannot believe so many people are so intrigued by the Olympics. It completely kills the momentum in the NHL with a 3 week break and it's surrounded by a bunch of FAKE hockey fans who suddenly come to cheer for their country. I'm tired of seeing fake fans walking around with their Canadian Crosby jersey.. I'm tired of hearing the teenage girls telling me the game is on "HALFTIME" and not intermission. I'm tired of hearing about the same 6 countries every Olympics. I'm tired of listening to all the hype about a game everybody knows the outcome to. Canada vs Latvia.. really? I'm tired of WAITING for this s**t to end so I can watch my team play again
  2. This is coming from the guy who refused to play our playoff series because he did not want to miss the 1st period of Boston vs Chicago game 5. And you are complaining this game was boring?
  3. Download. /10char GDL_SeasonXIFinal.bin
  4. Crosby didn't deserve it? Or am I mistaken..
  5. The upload worked, but I'm sure if you check John Blue will be recognized as Andy Moog in the database.
  6. Icestorm is in net.. but proceeds to get pulled by his wife mid-way through the game. Which removes the lag AND allows Canada to score a couple of empty netters
  7. He switched it in the roster.. Just a note.
  8. Yeah it makes sense and I see what you are saying, but my problem is this : I WIN games that I should WIN (at home).. I LOSE games that I should LOSE (at home).. I LOSE games that I should WIN (on the road).. I do NOT WIN games that I should LOSE (on the road).. It does not affect everybody EQUALLY because some coaches are going to lose more than they should, and some will win more than they should. When others are affected by the advantage against me, it doesn't do much because chances are I was going to win anyway.
  9. The advantages in the Blitz ROM are different from what you play with on the SNES. Correct me if I'm wrong, but I don't think you can change the advantages like you can in GENS. The reason it kicks in "sometimes" on the SNES is because most of the games you will play won't give you a handicap, unlike in Blitz where every road game technically gives you a "handicap". It doesn't happen all the time, but it happens way more than it does in SNES/GENS classic.
  10. Anyway I can come to a conclusion that I don't need fatties.. I score as many goals as I usually do and I have even recorded a league-high 3 shutouts already (with Daren Puppa). The problem is this bs that makes me lose every game, it's the difference between me losing 5-4 instead of me winning 8-4.. The advantage isn't there every game.. but when it's there chances highly are you will lose. I believe this to be the reason why Carse doesn't kill everyone in the regular season. The ROM prevents him from doing so!
  11. I am really dumbfounded by kupuck's behaviour. For all of you who don't know the history, I'll break it down for you : Kupuck and I used to talk all the time.. In fact, he was the guy I talked to the most outside of TomKabs. One day, Kupuck asks me to help him set up a 2on2 league called PHL (Pond Hockey League). I do ALL of it for him and at that point, we had never been into any arguments or anything like that. We were cool with each other. Fast forward to GDL X, I ask to play some games, kupuck says no because he had just played some games.. Ok, so we start talking about which division is the toughest. Then we get into an argument about if Houly is a good player or not. Kupuck claimed he was much better than Houly so I started making fun of him because in my eyes, Houly is clearly the better player. After that argument.. kupuck started acting real fishy. I think I hurt his feelings because he kept avoiding me whenever I asked for games, telling me he was busy or he had night shifts delivering pizza. Since I had total control over the GDL database, I discovered that kupuck was not actually going to work, but instead ignoring me, and then playing with all the other coaches. kupuck proceeds to host a Shark Week tournament, where I end up being matched up with minpind.. I had not seen minpind online for the past MONTH because he is online usually when I am sleeping, so I had decided to just forfeit as it wasn't a big deal for me. This is when kupuck got angry at me for refusing to play my games.. Sure enough I brought up the proof of him ducking our games.. and he ended up admitting it in the reply to my post.. His reason? He didn't have one.. That's why I believe kupuck is a clown
  12. There will be no "next time" are you well? I think it happens often enough, some coaches have 0 wins on the road.. and you have a piss poor road record too. Blitz is definitely not the best league by far because it makes the GENS version of '94 (what we believe to be the superior version) and makes it play similar to SNES (making it worse). On top of that the guys here don't understand how to run the draft correctly. The protect pick system is complete garbage and it is such a shame I wasted all some of my time with this league when compared with GDL. Unfortunately I'm already close to completion so what can I do.
  13. The advantages in the ROM are so ridiculous.. My team CANNOT do ANYTHING on the fking road. It doesn't happen every game, but it is CLEAR that there is some manipulation in the game going on because of it. Pass to a defender off a faceoff win? My defender will ALWAYS turn around and skate the other way. Loose puck? My players won't get it. 6 stick handle with Phil Housley? Here you go lose the puck every time!! WIDE Open pass? No problem! The receiver will let it bounce off his stick! It's only THEOREN Fleury! Clear lane for a goalie breakaway pass? Let's pass it to the opposing forwards! Slight nudge? Lose the puck even though it NEVER happens at home! Only start to score once you are already down 5-0!! Is this what people have been finding fun all this time? All this "BlitzGAh!11" talk is for what? The difference it makes is so fkin clear that it baffles me that players are able to say this is better than GDL. I do not mind LOSING because my opponent is better than me, but I DO mind and am fed up with LOSING simply because of something in the game that is preventing me from doing well.
  14. I don't think those involved with the ROM are setting up the league on the website.. Anyway, I agree with what brutus is saying, but when we have already switched our teams, what can we do. Wondering why it takes so long? For each team you need to set their : Uniforms Home Screen Logo Ice Logo Home Screen Banner In-Game Banner When the order of teams is switched, or the colour scheme changes, you most likely have to re-do ALL of it. When the home jerseys are changed, you have to re-do the ice logo. If you have a logo that has been never used, you will have to RECOLOR the palette until it matches up with the logo. You also have to make the in-game banners manually by cutting and pasting EACH letter in a row. Do that for 24 teams and this is why the delay exists.
  15. Uncle Seth (WPG) vs Plabax (BOS) 9-8 BOS 8-6 WPG 4-3 BOS 10-1 BOS ggs
  16. Yeah that's my team.. Anyway I'll adjust all the colors and all that so Donch doesn't feel overwhelmed. If he hasn't already done it of course.
  17. Yeah.. It's a pain to change them once you have already put in the logos and everything else.
  18. Can't wait to upload the vids of me beating Carse! Tune in tomorrow to watch Carse choke away a 6-1 lead against the almighty Plabax in what was one of his FOUR losses that resulted in him exiting GDL like a little chump. Cheers!
  19. FlamingPavelBure (5:00:01 PM):I scored 250 on Mogilny ALONE The main idea of this thread : We need a nhl94 french forum where FPB can express himself correctly. Not only did FPB play on 8 frame delay, he played GDL when Mogilny was a goalie
  20. Just look at this. PlabaxV3 (4:47:21 PM):change to Good FlamingPavelBure (4:47:24 PM):Oh right PlabaxV3 (4:48:01 PM):8 frames FlamingPavelBure (4:48:01 PM):GLHF PlabaxV3 (4:48:02 PM):ye right lol PlabaxV3 (4:48:05 PM):see ya later dude PlabaxV3 (4:48:11 PM):Server says: delay is 8 frames FlamingPavelBure (4:48:26 PM):You can't refuse to play me like that lol PlabaxV3 (4:48:40 PM):Lol.. You cannot be telling me you play on 8 frame delay FlamingPavelBure (4:48:51 PM):We've been playing like that since 2008 PlabaxV3 (4:48:59 PM):over 1 frame delay? FlamingPavelBure (4:49:02 PM):What FlamingPavelBure (4:49:08 PM):No 5 or 8 This is why I started to joke around, because I honestly cannot tell if FPB is being a troll or not. Then we came to this : PlabaxV3 (4:52:17 PM):I don't know if you're serious or not PlabaxV3 (4:52:19 PM):this is the problem FlamingPavelBure (4:52:33 PM):You act like no game was ever played on server ever PlabaxV3 (4:52:38 PM):Yeah but PlabaxV3 (4:52:41 PM):we are so close to eachother lol FlamingPavelBure (4:52:49 PM):I even f**king gave you a hamachi server pass and you kept on complaining PlabaxV3 (4:52:58 PM):becuz I thought server at 23 ping would be good PlabaxV3 (4:53:07 PM):but I forgot how bad it was FlamingPavelBure (4:53:09 PM):Seriously if it's such a f**king pain I'll just go talk to frey and have my FF W,s PlabaxV3 (4:53:17 PM):dude.. PlabaxV3 (4:53:23 PM):why would you play 8 frame delay over P2P PlabaxV3 (4:53:26 PM):please tell me PlabaxV3 (4:53:31 PM):give me a good reason and I'll counter with FlamingPavelBure (4:53:40 PM):I don't want to lag if you do? PlabaxV3 (4:53:44 PM):8 frame delay is worse PlabaxV3 (4:53:52 PM):are you kidding me.. we have like 20 ping FlamingPavelBure (4:53:59 PM):We played GDL finals on delay like that PlabaxV3 (4:54:02 PM):we live so close FlamingPavelBure (4:54:03 PM):stop acting like such a b***h THEN we arranged to play on Hamachi... Then I made the comment with the "cheating tricks" so he refused to play me. Then he was bringing up the nostalgia boner.. FlamingPavelBure (4:58:16 PM):Me and Carse won leagues before you joined and we all played on Server lol PlabaxV3 (4:58:53 PM):dude PlabaxV3 (4:59:01 PM):you know that P2P is made to improve from server experience PlabaxV3 (4:59:09 PM):fact is.. I'm better than Carse PlabaxV3 (4:59:13 PM):I'm better than you too lol PlabaxV3 (4:59:19 PM):Don't care what you did in 2001 FlamingPavelBure (4:59:23 PM):That's why you have all those titles to show for it PlabaxV3 (4:59:24 PM):we are in 2014 bud wake up PlabaxV3 (4:59:32 PM):Well I won 6 out of 7 playoff series last yr FlamingPavelBure (4:59:43 PM):And it gave you the title of? PlabaxV3 (4:59:44 PM):A new guy called TomKabs who was much better than anybody you have ever seen came along FlamingPavelBure (4:59:49 PM):LOL FlamingPavelBure (4:59:51 PM):TOMKABS FlamingPavelBure (4:59:53 PM):ARE YOU SERIOUS PlabaxV3 (4:59:56 PM):?? FlamingPavelBure (5:00:01 PM):I scored 250 on Mogilny ALONE PlabaxV3 (5:00:03 PM):TomKabs beat Freydey and Carse PlabaxV3 (5:00:06 PM):did you win? PlabaxV3 (5:00:09 PM):who won FlamingPavelBure (5:00:16 PM):I wasn't there? FlamingPavelBure (5:00:20 PM):It's 2 different seasons PlabaxV3 (5:00:22 PM):No have you ever won GDL PlabaxV3 (5:00:23 PM):?? FlamingPavelBure (5:01:06 PM):That's why you all lost to old school Swos PlabaxV3 (5:01:13 PM):Swos is betetr than Carse FlamingPavelBure (5:01:18 PM):you're a f**king psycho I don't know if he is joking or not.. Why anybody would want to play on 8 frames instead of 1-2 is beyond me.
  21. Are you guys lost? Carse has a good team..
  22. LA Robbie (WPG) Added. GDLXITest34.bin
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