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  1. Uncle Seth (LA) added GDLXITest32.bin
  2. You want somebody to tell you HOW to do something, but you want to do it yourself? Unless I'm missing something here, what is the point? Doesn't make sense lol we're not in 2003 anymore truth is who cares
  3. Just use the programs that do it for you.. :/
  4. Nashville Predators Sc1 Gretz-Lemieux-Carson Coffey-Murphy Roussel Extra : Volek Sc2 Volek-Adams-Yake Malakhov - Krupp
  5. Look good last yr too #weightnoob #0gdlwins
  6. I feel like I have seen this post before...
  7. Keep clicking on these threads thinking it's GDL.. Do it on AIM or something? There's only 8 people in the league.
  8. The same moves work on all the goalies... It's all the same s**t lol every goalie will let out a rebound from my pass shot.. Doesn't matter who it is, it seems to work more than 80% of the time. There is no NOTICEABLE difference between the goalies. You will probably play 50 of your GDL games never knowing who your opposing goalie was because they aren't a big factor.
  9. Nobody takes goalies for rebound goals that happen so rarely..
  10. No way.. There is no way to distinguish who is in net besides the names.. Unless it's Roy or Belfour. Guessing your goalie is like Russian Roulette
  11. Besides their glove hand.. there are no noticeable differences between the two goalies. If I made them both Lefties and then hid their names, nobody would be able to guess which goalie was which.. It's pretty much Vanbiesbrk and 12th for Vanbiesbrk and 6th.. Not really a reasonable trade. Just like Raph and I's trade last year.. 2.10 and 4.10 for 2.5.
  12. Please pick the highest rated player left for me. In order of my remaining picks, best Defender, best Goalie, best Forward, best forward, best Goalie. Thanks.
  13. Yeah.. What is the point of skipping coaches if we still have to wait 10000000 hrs to advance? The penalty for a coach not picking hurts the other active coaches more than it actually hurts the coach being skipped. Doesn't make any sense.
  14. Is the committee no longer active? Hello?
  15. Oops Jimmy Carson.. Wrong Round
  16. Srsly? "You are threatening the integrity of GDL" Veto.
  17. 4.17 Voc (PIT) selects Cam Neely
  18. this is a gay man right here.. 1 star rating

  19. Who is Evgeni Davydov?? He's not in the game.
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