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  1. At first I was laughing at kupuck for being mad, but something to note here : My understanding is that kupuck signed on to see what time he had to pick, so he could either leave a list or be around for his pick. In all fairness, kupuck did NOT have to be online at the time we replaced him, I just thought that it was sketchy that kupuck would not come on the forums so I thought that he was not going to show up. This is why I told Ice there was no point in waiting for kupuck. Since we know kupuck is here, I think it won't do any harm if we allow him to take his team back. It's only one pick, no trading has been done (I think) and kupuck DID play his 56 games last season.
  2. 1.18 NSH Selects Mario Lemieux
  3. 1.11 NSH selects Wayne Gretzky
  4. Zalex, SOH, minpind and eggink will definitely get their games in. Carse can get 52 gms in one day. Most coaches are way over the deadline, which is great.
  5. Seriously.. He never even posted to say he was in.
  6. Plabax (NSH) sends picks : 1.10 (10) --> 50 7.11 (155) --> 6.06 56.06 TO : hokkeefan (EDM) for : 2.2 (26) --> 27.78 3.4 (52) --> 16.13 TOTAL : 43.91 Ratio : 1.28% My trade limit is at 5, hokkee at 8. A bit silly if I dog on Raph and Icestorm for trying to stack if I play with two top 10 players. Anyway I think this makes my team more balanced and gives hokkee a chance to fulfill his dream.
  7. Confirmed, ratio goes up to 1.36.
  8. If I throw in my 6th pick for his 11th as well Update : CHI (dcicon) sends : 1.11 (11) --> 47.62 11.11 (251) --> 3.83 12.14 (278) --> 3.47 TOTAL : 54.92 To NSH (Plabax) for: 2.15 (39) --> 20.40 3.10 (58) --> 14.71 5.10 (111) --> 8.26 TOTAL : 43.37 Ratio : 1.26%
  9. Who wants 2.15 and 3.10 for a high 2. and a high 4.
  10. I didn't figure it out because the commissioner clearly TOLD me it was the difference. If had to guess (obviously I didn't) then I probably would have figured out that it was the ratio. Math major in college, reading comprehension not your strong point. Ty for showing just how smart you can be sometimes Marasco. I don't know about this, because we said ADP from last 3 seasons, and if I'm correct I would believe the last 3 seasons to be 10,9 and 8. Most of the winners in GDL are NOT C-check prophets, the toughest challenges clearly come from those who do not care to C check. So anyone smart would look after the winners (swos*2,kgman*2 (to an extent), Freydey,TomKabs) and not the runner-ups (Carse) Now about the quickness thing.. I have a test with a player with two players, one with 7 weight and the other with 1 weight. They are both the same speed and they both skate the exact same, despite one of the players having a 6 in agility and the other one having a 1 in agility. You see again, "dipsey-doodling" is not 100% weight.. Lemieux is more agile than Fedorov, but he is heavier. Lemieux AND Sandstrom are more agile than Bondra, but they are heavier. Lemieux is more agile than... [insert every single light player in NHL '94 picked in Round 2 and later] Am I supposed to be convinced that all the responses are from the guys that never win? Ice talking about C checking but failed to make noise in GENS A with BOS, the best C checking team in the game loololol so convincing Marasco!
  11. 1) That is because Carse had already picked two first rounders (thanks to Houly) 2) Nobody here has an early 2 and a late 5, or a late 3rd and an early 4th so I'm not sure what you are talking about?
  12. You start it on the boards, the deadlines aren't in place really.
  13. Any NHL team that is not selected, you can move to a city such as Dallas for example. Random Generator, sort of like how GDL 9 had the noobs in random order, I just used a program to generate the order. I didn't know it had to do with waitlist order?
  14. To see how I got it, go to the "Draft Calculations" tab, if there are any better ways. Please do tell so I can update it. Team Finalization The newcomers will need to pick their teams here, starting in reverse order of draft position. 1 - LABS_66 -2 - Fitzo -3 - Depch -4 - Skeletor -5 - Uncle Seth -6 - Gretzkyonacold - Any other changes listed here. Plabax leaves LA and moves to NSH.
  15. It's a little more than opinion, where is the line?? Some stats are more important than weight, and the guys I listed are all better than Juneau in what matters more. I think I know the reason though : C check (Body Checking) People have the mentality that because players cannot body check and they are checked too easily, they are useless. Weight does not really matter as much because maybe 80% of the time you are body checked, you could have been poke checked too. The thing is, Poke check works on everybody and everyone can do it the same. However.. a 5 or higher in Stick Handling will allow you to sometimes toddle during a Poke or Body check, which is great. And there is another stat that will allow you to just shake off a check like you were too light for it, does anybody know this stat? Maybe it's players >80OVR. The light guys tend to have bad stats, so they are all easy to check. They aren't quick and they can't stickhandle. Now, Bourque is not OVERRATED, he is a 99 OVR, which means he has great stats in the important categories. So being heavy doesn't take away much. Like Icestorm said, most coaches dont value the players correctly so it's easy to take advantage of them. People who pick Bourque so low know it's a steal IMO. it doesn't matter how light your players are.. Your defense will still be the same, your offense will be worse unless you pick up some skilled guys. It is good to have a bugger, but not for defensive cases. They don't really do much for you on defense in the long run. The key to using weight is to abuse those who don't understand it correctly. I play exis with Houly all the time. Whenever he uses a 5 wgter D, I use a 6 wgt forward. Houly thinks that because his defense is lighter he can C check me, but he really can't Same with Carse in GDL X, he tried and tried and tried and tried to check Juneau with Gretzky but it never worked. This trick is golden, it gives you power plays and puts their buggers out of the game for two minutes and this is exactly why the line needs to be drawn, it's easier to beat a C-check prophet than it is any other style of defense. It's OK to draft a bugger like Kovalenko, but second round is pushing it. About the formula, now it's sexy. swos told me it was ratio but I called him crazy because Ice said it was DIFFERENCE. I believe it now and should have believed it then because Icestorm is not the brightest guy. I still don't like ADP because we all haven't figured out who is good and who is bad yet, some say that Bourque and Coffey will be picked 1-2 rounds earlier now. Who knows? The past seasons have had. Juneau as a late 1st/ early 2nd, we still need some improvement before we can use something like ADP. Like an official formula that determines a player's ranking. I agree about the trades where it doesn't matter who gets what, because if the trades are handled correctly then that won't be an issue.
  16. Also, like Ice has told me, and had become evident to me.. Balance your team. A shooter, a bugger and a good player is an example of a balanced team. My plans however for balancing are going to be different from most so I won't suggest what I plan to do..
  17. Just use the OG one, if thats not what brutus was referring to.
  18. So I guess why the ADP examples we used are from Zalex (One-timer), TomKabs (traded away), Icestorm (traded away) and from someone with experience with him who is one of the best dekers around.. I am here to say that he is worse than Sandstrom. Sandstrom does not fit my style of play yet he's still worth more to me. You're bringing up a bunch of people with no experience lol your points are actually pretty bad. It also doesn't take much to spam one-timers with Sandstrom lol.. You don't have to "learn" how to do it man just stop with your bullshit
  19. Yes because coaches see that he is 5 weight and think that he is automatically better. It's just like how all the coaches automatically think Sandstrom sucks but they have never used him. Please guys my 1st pick was Joe Juneau in GDL X, he cannot produce good numbers lol he's just not good enough for a first rounder.
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