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  1. Points for playing all 56 games and hanging in there.. so you don't end up with the 6th pick when you really should have the 1st pick.
  2. If you are going to categorize people best thing to do is categorize the whole league. Do some odds and then make the draft order based off that.
  3. And you're the same guy who called me a baby when I requested to move up in the Blitz draft -.-
  4. Noob does not equal bad. Like in SDL, it's unfair to the weaker players because most of the time, the noobs are better than them. However we are not sure how well they will do, so the bottom is the best position to place them, as it does not make anybody weaker or stronger. Valid example is TomKabs, a noob who didn't get a high pick, but ended up winning.
  5. Noobs at the end. Like in SDL, it's not fair when the weakest player drops 3-4 spots in the draft. When noobs are at the end they there's no drawback to anybody else.
  6. Guys just a note.. I fucked up on the game deleter, so some games that were uploaded incorrectly have messed up the standings a bit. I'll try to fix this tonight along with adding Team Stats to the website by next week.
  7. Hehe I come back to this and remember what happened during both our series.. I think Ralph has it down when he says 70-80%.
  8. No way skill is 80% of the game, cut it down to maybe 65%.. If skill was 80% there's no chance I'm going to game 7 with Icestorm in GDL X.
  9. The whole point sailed right over Coach's head... Making best players play with poor teams is not "FUN". You and your 55-year old geezer friends clearly don't understand the art of gaming. Your chances of winning with Florida are 0.01% at best, why would someone like kingraph want to do that?
  10. Hold the down direction while taking a slap-shot and it can go five-hole.
  11. The pass shot is CHEAP! Good thing I never use it because I don't want to be known as an fn cheat.
  12. Yeah Freydey is the commissioner and he will be posting the real season details soon But the point is, I opened the preseason for testing and I have only seen around 4-5 coaches. Everyone responded to the roll call so quickly and then I never saw them again so I was making sure before Freydey makes his post.
  13. What are you doing so much that you can't come online once in 4 days? You spend most of your time watching Astro Boy so I'm sure you can't be that busy. http://www.rosettastone.com/
  14. I have only seen Freydey, Houly, jackandjose and I around for Blitz.. I would like to start but I need to make sure everyone's alright?
  15. W/e! I hope Canada and Matt Duchene enjoy losing to Sweden
  16. It does not go in at a very high percentage.. What are you talking about? It's happened to me no more than twice in the 10000+ games I've played here, I still don't understand where this comes from.
  17. Having Marleau without Thornton is like having Kunitz without Crosby.. Wtf
  18. What if a backup starts, then switches? You have no 100% method to figure out.
  19. Yawn.. Should be NHLPA 93 s**tz??
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