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  1. Hey everyone... so i've been getting pounded in all my league games... my own fault, i haven't played in forever. What i'd like to do is ask for help. I'm going to record my next game and post it here.. and i was wondering if anyone would be willing to provide some assistance by watching the game and seeing where i go wrong. any help would be much appreciated.
  2. sorry guys - i'll be catching up shortly
  4. why would a total reboot have a different result? i'm all for staying with the teams we have.
  5. mr derp is still around, just alot busier than he was at the time of the draft
  6. Plabs... I beat Houly 5-2 in my home game.. but we were both unable to save the game. What is the best thing to do? Here is the screen shot of the final score: ...and here is the scoring summary: 1. CHI Housely (Roy) 2. CAR Messier (Bourque) 3. CHI Olczyk 4. CAR Sandrstrom (Messier, Sumeulsson) 5. CHI Oates (Olczyk, Gartner) 6. CHI Garnter 7. CHI Garnter (Oates)
  7. I'm a newbie of course but I've run my my fair share of video game leagues, fantasy leagues, and even NHL94, 95, and 96 leagues on genesis back in the day keeping all results on paper. So. There will always be trades that favor one team over another. Sometimes there are ripoffs. Ripoffs are more a problem in dynasty leagues. Everyone's fear here isn't the trade but that carse, being a good player, might now be REALLY good. The only fair way to do things is to have everyone vote and if 70% or more say to take it back, take it back. I've been the commish that has decided if trades ar
  8. i'd say keep all the trades. if you have hoks in a league you have to expect hok-like behavior. the only reason to rescind trades is if the league becomes unfair to play... and i don't think anyone has become ultra powerful thanks to trading with hok. BUT. maybe for next season you impose a rule that 1st rounders can only be traded for first rounders, and 2nd rounders only traded for 2nd or 1st rounders... anything beyond that is fair play? that way each and every team has at least two quality players no matter what.
  9. NEW LINES AS OF 3/15/13 Team Name: California Golden Seals First Line LW: Gary Leeman C: Steve Yzerman RW: Pat LaFontaine LD: Paul Coffey RD: Zarley Zalapski X: Thomas Steen G: Felix Potvin Second Line LW: Thomas Steen C: Pat LaFontaine RW: Luciano Borsato LD: Vladimir Malakhov RD: Steve Smith X: Steve Yzerman G: Daniel Berthiaume
  10. California Golden Seals trade Steve Larmer, Ulf Samuelsson, Jaromir Jagr, Adam Foote to the Edmonton Oilers for Pat LaFontaine, Zarley Zalapski, Dave Andreychuck, and Steve Smith
  11. i wouldn't be down with any movement after the trade deadline. either extend the trade deadline if DaDonch is open to it, or live with the trades you've made before the deadline we all agreed to.
  12. hmm. so is the trade deadline extended until this sunday @ midnight again? i think its either completely extend it until sunday or don't do anything at all.
  13. just wanted to make sure you guys got my new lines Team Name: California Golden Seals First Line LW: Steve Larmer C: Steve Yzerman RW: Gary Leeman LD: Paul Coffey RD: Ulf Samuelsson X: Jaromír Jágr G: Felix Potvin Second Line LW: Jaromír Jágr C: Steve Larmer RW: Luciano Borsato LD: Vladimir Malakhov RD: Adam Foote X: Steve Yzerman G: Daniel Berthiaume
  14. I'd love to get on the waiting list as well. AIM: e-mail:
  15. I'd love to get on the waiting list as well
  16. Hey there... definitely would love to play in Dynasty if a spot opens up
  17. On Thu, Mar 7, 2013 at 3:08 PM, mr derp <> wrote: to Mr. Borsato, My name is Michael, a big NHL fan, and a participant in one of the many online leagues that has popped up on the internet based on the old NHL '94 video game originally put out by Genesis and Super Nintendo back in 1994. In the original NHL '94 video game, there was determined to be a 'bug' in the programming. The bug makes it so that any player that is considered light by NHL standards, say 180lbs or below, becomes very tough to check or take down, while players that are 180lbs or heavier become ve