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  1. And with the 4th overall pick of the draft, the California Golden Seals select Steve Yzerman of Cranbrook, British Columbia.
  2. I'm entertaining trade offers for the 4th overall pick
  3. I may be willing to trade my #1 (4th overall) and #12 for someone's #1 and #2. IM me!
  4. Sorry about the wait fellas... JayL and I are scheduling our finals soon
  5. I'd love to join the Blitz league as well
  6. Hi everyone, I'm a newb (if you can't tell) Does anyone know when the team selection for the Fall Classic '94 League will be? Will it just be posted on the boards at some point? Very excited
  7. Hey everyone... long time Genesis nhl94 player back in the day, just registered for the fall league! I'm ready to play! Feel free to contact me at or MrDerp4321 on AIM.... i can pretty much play at any time of the day!
  8. Hi everyone! ready to play my test game :0) I'm AIM: MrDerp4321 I'm available to play at any time, except monday, wednesday and friday nights after 7pm.... i'm Eastern Time