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  1. Yeah, Gartner CAN be great. Sometimes, though, he is WAY off his game. Awesome checking, great depth, but Messier's a dog as far as I'm concerned (too easy to knock down), and Richter sucks the chrome off of a trailer-hitch. The thing I like about the team, though, is each time you use them you have to figure out who is ready to play. Sometimes it's Nemchinov and Graves, sometimes it's Tikker-Tape and Turcotte. Great "goalie-rammers" too!!
  2. Does anyone have any idea why some teams are listed twice in the iso file? I'm editing some teams, with Hex editor and after you get through all the teams it lists the Iles, Rangers, Flyers, Nordiques and a couple of other teams AGAIN! Am I missing something? Or did I mess up my iso file?
  3. Ok, ok, Everyone knows to start Roenick, Mogilny, et al, but which players are the best for what they are rated. I've read a lot about Lebeau, Savard, etc. I knew Savard was awesome (always in the right place, right time), but never tried Lebeau much. Here's my candidates: Bob Bassen - STL Not the best shooter, but can make some shots that nobody else does (the floater shot over goalies opposite shoulder as he skates by the crease). Robert Kron - HFD Just a blast to play with. Total enforcer. Curt Giles - STL One of the best bodycheckers in the game. Andrei Kovalenko - QUE Plays like he doesn't know much about the game, but can destroy anyone he hits. Dimitri Kristich - WSH Has everything you want from a C. Makes the shots, always around the puck. Peter Bondra - WSH He's like a poor-man's Mogilny.
  4. If I had ONE pick, for someone who could do EVERYTHINGl, it'd be Roenick.
  5. Best C: Roenick - He's Electric Best W: Fleury (possibly the most agile and best checker. By far the best one on one with the goalie. Best D: Depends on what you want. Sweeny is a monster checker; Svaboda is intercepts any pass anywhere NEAR him; Housley is basically another FW; Eric Desjardins and Mathieu Schneider always stay at home play awesome together; and Curt Giles on ST. Louis is as scrappy as they come; and Bourque's shot is awesome. Best G: Roy, obviously Most overrated: Probably Lindros or Messier. Completely worthless to me. Cam Neely is also tough to do anything with 'cause he can't take a hit.
  6. I am completely new to hacking, guys. I have been messing around with editing player ratings, and still having a little trouble. This will probably seem like a stupid question, but here it goes: When I am editing a player in Hex workshop, does it matter which side of the screen I am typing the changes into? On the left side of the screen all of the numbers are two digits long (or a pair of two digit numbers). On the right side, there is numbers, letters, and other symbols that don't seem to match up to what I am typing in. Example: Let's say I am editing Nylander from Hartford. It goes from looking like this: Mikael Nylander.6T3#"212 to this: Mikael Nylander.60666666 (assuming that I was going to change him to the lowest weight, and the highest rating on everything else). What I'm getting confused about is that I'm not sure what to make of the # and the " that are now replace with numbers. I'm sure it is something stupid I'm just not aware of. Any ideas to help to steer me back in the right direction?