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  1. Kiba, I am having some issues with the career stat import/export tool you wrote. I've attached the files for reference. When I export the career stats to a csv everything works great. Then once I overwrite all the stats in the csv file and import it back to the NHL95 databases some strange things are happening. Here is the issue I have been able to recreate several times (there may be others): When I import the revised stats CSV it is deleting #27 Dougie Hamilton from the Bruins and putting G Pekka Rinne on the Bruins roster (he remains in the ASE roster where he belongs). It is also putting some weird numbers in the stats. But most of them are importing correctly. I caught this because when I tried to sim a season the Bruins only won 4 games and Pekka Rinne scored like 12 goals as a goalie. Another issue I noticed was that the goalie playoff save% stat doesn't seem to be exporting correctly. CareerStatsStuff.zip
  2. That was my plan. I am close to finishing so I wasn't going to wait. Thanks.
  3. Hey Kiba. It appears that NHLInfo has a column in the player attributes view titled 'R'. I assume that indicates if the player is a rookie or not. Would it be possible to include that in your roster input/export tool? I want to make sure the correct players are designated as rookies in the NHL15 mod I am working on and I would rather not go through each player in NHLInfo and make the change.
  4. Wow I didn't think anybody would use this. The original intent for this project was to integrate it into an NCAA dynasty type mode. I have never finished it as I have been distracted by the NHL15 mod I have been working on. Nonetheless those attributes were meant to be used in the dynasty. POT - Potential. This would be a randomly assigned attribute that is used at the end if each season to determine how much the players skill attributes would increase. The higher the number the better they get over time. This could be implemented into an NHL franchise type mode as well. COM - Commitment. Another randomly assigned attribute that is used at the end of each season to determine if a player leaves school early or stays for another year. I planned on linking it somewhat to how good the player is since really good players are more likely to leave early. OVR - Overall. NHL95PC does not have overall ratings. I was attempting to create a function to calculate the overall rating but haven't found a good formula. The overall rating is necessary so that I can write some code to automatically recruit players. High prestige schools would recruit better players. Lower prestige schools get the average players. I'm glad somebody finds useful. Good luck with your modifications.
  5. Minnesota and Nashville team graphics are complete. They will replace the all-star teams so they will not be playable in season or playoff mode. Columbus and Arizona will not be in the conversion (although I do plan on putting the better players from those two teams in the free agents portion of the rosters so they will be playable by adding them to existing teams). Graphics for all teams are now complete. Full attention to rosters now.
  6. Yes. I plan on creating two sets of rosters. One that is a direct dump from NHL15 (both games rate players from 0-100). And one that scales the player attributes from NHL15 to reflect the broader range of player attributes in NHL95. People can edit them as they see fit from there.
  7. Vancouver, Washington and Winnipeg are done. Only two more to go!
  8. Awesome! I hope you enjoy it...when I finally get it done. Leafs, Sharks, Avs, Blues, and Pens are complete. Getting closer and closer...
  9. Rangers, Flyers, Senators, and Lightning graphics done. Rosters are getting close to being done. I think the Ottawa center ice logo looks bad ass.
  10. Interesting. Thanks for the link. I suspect the .BIN files only contain the palettes while the sprites are somewhere else and linked to those palette files. Seems like the guy who wrote the JED program would know. But who know's how to contact him.
  11. Does anybody know where NHL95PC stores the in-game sprites? And if they are editable using software like Tile Molester or Tile Layer Pro?
  12. Kings, Canadians, Devils, and Islanders all updated.
  13. Graphics for Carolina and Florida are complete.
  14. Took a break from team graphics to update the intro screen.
  15. Graphics for Detroit and Edmonton are complete.
  16. Thanks for the quick response Kiba! I briefly looked at the rosters with NHLInfo and saw some weird stuff which makes we wonder if they are the true originals. The games to be played for Boston looks really high. Sergei Fedorov centers both of the power play lines? Are these just mistakes that EA made with their original rosters?
  17. Does anybody have the master .DB files? I'm looking for the original database files as they exist on the game disc. I have dozens of sets of rosters on my PC but I can't find the originals anywhere.
  18. Graphics for Chicago are done. Dallas is at about 50%. Unfortunately it looks like I probably won't have time to work on it next week.
  19. Graphics for Buffalo and Calgary are complete.
  20. Koppe thanks for the new rosters. Any NHL95PC updates are greatly appreciated. Where do you get the player ratings? Do you rate them yourself? Are you converting them from the latest EA NHL hockey game?
  21. I want to be able to play and sim seasons. So I am only going to make 1 version. I will have to cut 4 teams and I will pick 2 of them to fill the All-Star teams slots. The teams that don't make the top-26 will be Minnesota, Columbus, Nashville, and Phoenix/Arizona. I had the same idea of creating a bat-file to automate the rink selection. But I've never actually written one. So I need to do some research on that.
  22. Unfortunately it is a custom RINK.QFS file. I plan on releasing one for each team and the user will have to copy and paste them.
  23. So I've begun working on a complete NHL15 conversion of NHL95PC. I just started a few days ago and I hope to have it done by the end of the year. I thought I would post some updates as I progress through the mod. I currently have the graphics about 98% complete for two teams, Anaheim and Boston. *********************************************** Here is the first release. We'll call it version 1.0 Please let me know of any issues you may find. I would like to release at least one more version before the end of the season to fix any bugs that are found. I am not open to changing lines or updating rosters. But if you find a misspelling or a blatantly wrong attribute I would be willing to fix that in a future release. Enjoy ************************************************ ************************************************ Version 1.1 includes the SRLOGO.qfs file and KIBA's rink selection tool. ************************************************ NHL15PC 12-30-2014.zip NHL15PC 1-10-2015.zip
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