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  1. So I've been working on a spreadsheet that randomly creates a pool of players that can be imported into NHL95PC for the NCAA mod I play with. I just completed it and it occurred to me that others may find it useful for creating draft pools for simming seasons beyond one year. The pool is created in a format that can be pasted into the csv file that Kiba's roster extractor/importer creates. There might still be some bugs in it as I haven't tested it too much yet. But it is setup to be modified pretty easy in terms of adding cities/states/countries/provinces/names. I won't go into too much detail unless somebody tries it out and asks specific questions. My ultimate goal is to use the latest tool Kiba wrote to generate player stats based on their ratings so that it can be dumped into NHL95 databases so that simulations are accurate. This would lead to the possibility of an externally run franchise/dynasty mode for NHL95PC. Please don't hold me responsible if the macros destroy your computer. NCAAH95 RECRUIT POOL GENERATOR.zip
  2. Kiba, I am not interested in participating in the league, but I'd be happy to help with jerseys and/or logos if you like.
  3. This is awesome Kiba. You are the man. I will test ASAP. Thanks!
  4. Has anybody experimented with setting the season and career stats to 0 and seeing how the games are simmed? What about if the team standings are 0? I wonder if every game end in a 0-0 tie?
  5. I got totally burned out after making my NCAA mod many months ago. But I am just getting back into the game. I've read in another thread that simulated stats are controlled by the players season stats stored in the game's databases (not their attributes). I was wondering if anybody has created a piece of software that would allow for the easy export/import of these stats so that we could more quickly adjust the stats (in a spreadsheet) to get accurate simulations with modded rosters. I'm thinking of something similar to Kiba's awesome piece of code that exports the rosters to a csv file and then imports it back.
  6. Beavers, It's the top 26 teams based on USCHO rankings(as was already stated) the rosters are accurate as of Yale's championsip win.
  7. Have you merged and updated your database?
  8. Here is a complete conversion of NHL95 PC to NCAA hockey. Please see the readme file for details. Comments are appreciated and welcome. NCCAH14.rar
  9. Anybody know of a way to edit the playoff matchups using NHLInfo? I've got a completed season that I can edit in NHLInfo. I'd like to use it as a template to create custom playoff brackets. When I try to edit say the standings using NHLInfo it creates an error in playoff standings screen. I also tried changing the teams in the schedule editor but that didn't seem to have any effect.
  10. Yep. I checked the lines and they were correct. I went through through the entire roster with a fine toothed comb looking for any typos or mistakes (like wrong letter in position field, or an attribute that was out of range). I couldn't find a single thing wrong with the roster itself. Very strange I think.
  11. Well I figured out the problem. For some reason when I had 22 skaters on Winnipeg's roster the game would crash. I added a skater with NHLInfo increasing the skater count to 23 and the game ran perfectly. I then went back and deleted that skater dropping the count back to 22 (just as a double check) and the game crashed again. I have many other teams with 22 skaters but for some unknown reason the game does not work when Winnipeg has 22 skaters.
  12. I have created custom rosters for every team but for some reason every time I click 'new exhibition game' it freezes before going to the loading screen and scouting report. It does this for only one team out of the 26. I've narrowed it down to one of the db files causing the problem. Does anyone know which db files the game reads when it loads a new exhibition game so I can try to narrow it down further?
  13. Thanks for the help and the source code but my programming skills are in VB only.
  14. Two files are created. One looks like a penalty/scoring summary. The other lists a bunch of players with what appears to be stats, but I'm not sure what they are. gamestats.zip
  15. Maybe you can help me out a bit? This is the save game file from an exhibition game. When I looked at it with a hex editor there doesn't seem to be much in it. Not a whole game's worth of stats anyway. What do you think? TESTGAME.zip
  16. Does anybody know how to extract player stats from an exhibition game in NHL95 PC? It seems like it should be a simple export feature in the game but I can't find anywhere to even view player stats for the game.
  17. worked like a charm for Hartford. So that's two teams it worked for. I assume it will work for them all. Thanks for the help.
  18. I'm trying to setup a .MAP file so that the center ice logo is blank the way you described in a previous post. But when I run the game it freezes right after the scouting report screen. I put two 0's in the file am I doing something wrong?
  19. I figured out the problem. Excel was adding commas to the goalie lines so that each line had the same number of delimiters. I deleted those in a text editor and it imported fine. Thanks for the awesome program it makes custom rosters infinitely easier.
  20. I've run into an interesting problem. When I open the attributes file in Excel 2010 make a change and then save it as a .csv file it won't import back into the game. When open the attributes files in a text editor and make a change it imports just fine. Any ideas as to what's going on?
  21. How do you change the color of the numbers on the jersey's in the line editor? It seems to be completely random when I customize the jerseys using the JED jersey editor.
  22. Thanks. I actually had already read through that forum post and I briefly played with tilelayerpro to edit the til files. I wasn't immediately successful so I moved on. I may have to try again and devote some more time to it.
  23. Anybody know how to change the center ice logos in NHL95 PC?
  24. What if I didn't want the highlight video to play at all on the opening screen? Is that possible?
  25. Yes I plan on using that once I finish making all of the graphical changes. Does NHLInfo allow you to add roster slots to teams that don't have enough slots to accommodate the custom roster?
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