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  1. Yes. My issue occurred not when starting a new season but when I was in the central registry I accidentally overwrote my current rosters (which had a bunch of changed team names) with the original rosters. I hadn't made a back-up of the current rosters so all of the work was lost.
  2. I guess I'm concerned about loading up the original rosters in the game and that 'accidentally' saving them over the current rosters which would erase any work I have done. But I suppose that could be solved by making backup copies of the roster files themselves.
  3. Okay that makes sense. I assume that the *.org files have the same format as their *.db counterparts. So if I wanted the original rosters to be custom I could make changes to the 'current' rosters by editing the *.db files (say with your import/export roster tools) and save the *.db files over the *.org files by changing the file extension?
  4. Does anybody know what the difference between the 'Original' rosters and the 'Current' rosters is? And where each is saved in the game folder? I only see one set of database files in the game folder.
  5. Fantastic! I've looked through every file with a hex editor but never thought to look in the executable file itself. Thanks!
  6. Awesome, works perfectly now. Do you know how to change the name in the exhibition select screen? I've got it changed in the edit lines and the scouting report but I can't figure out to change it on the jersey select screen.
  7. Understood. I will try that tonight to see if it fixes my problem.
  8. Hmm...antivirus doesn't seem to have a problem with them. This is the screen that is displayed when it boots: untitled.bmp The other DLL's don't have the "detected" next to them even though they are in the same folder as the gfx dll.
  9. I'm not sure how you are getting to the list of teams like in your first picture. When I open NHLInfo all I get is an image viewer. And when I change the directory to the game directory it only recognizes files that are graphics files.
  10. Has anyone tried increasing the CPU difficulty by playing with the off/def awareness of the players?
  11. Does anybody know of a way to switch between teams in the middle of a game in NHL94? In later EA games (both the NHL and Madden series) I've always enjoyed running up the score and then with one period or quarter left switching to the other team and attempting an epic comeback.
  12. Hello all, I've been searching around the forums for several days now looking for a good starting rom to edit. I've heard lots of talk about wboy's 30 team rom as well as a patch that can be applied to the original rom to make it a 30 team rom. Unfortunately I've looked all over and can't find either. Does anybody have either of these to share? Or suggest a good rom to start with for editing? Thanks.
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