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  1. Goose

    Manual Goalies

    Hey, thanks! I'll try that!
  2. Goose

    Manual Goalies

    If you don't know by now you'll never know, that's why you NHL '95 lovers all suck!
  3. Goose

    Manual Goalies

    Just curious if anyone has any bulletproof theories on Manual Goalie control. Do you control the goalie the entire time the opponent has control of the puck in your zone, or only on breakaways, or just in times of desperation? I can't find an emoticon to express my feeling of confusion!
  4. I'm more impressed that you won 17 fights in a row in one game! That's not NHL '92, that's friggin' NHL '76!!! Yeehaww!
  5. Thanks, Joetberry - it's nice to see there is still a forum for these games. What happened to the Nosebleed Section site? Maybe a lockout casualty? It took me a while before I happened on this site. I've been here before but didn't notice a forum section. Yes, our little tournament changed servers to, which is probably why you had lost the original link. I've been in quite the slump lately at the events, haven't won (or even made the finals) in the last three tournaments. I tried to boost my defensive play for the last few tournaments and it hurt my scoring too much. Bu
  6. I have to agree with Joetberry on this one. Although I am new to this board, I get together with buddies of mine (7 to 9) and play an all-night tournament twice a year, so I'm no rookie to classic video hockey. But anyway, my point is that Joetberry is bang on in his critique of '94. NHL 95 is superior, in my opinion, because of the speed and the control. I've played this game for 5+ years - religiously - and the depth of the control is staggering. It's better than every other video hockey game because of the similarity to the real game. There is always an opportunity to score - or defend ag