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  1. If people can get RetroArch work and the long distance emulation is good as well as is suggested by Scribe "Netplay is intriguing because it supposedly uses a peer-to-peer setup with frame rollback similar to ggpo to reduce latency. " then I'd be willing to play some games again. As I've stated in the past my main problem is Gens and how I've perceived drastical changes to my online experience by using different version of the emulator and the latency settings provided by it (you cannot actually know is the opponent using it), I have been vocal and transparent about it since finding it. This i
  2. The online experience should be revamped in a new version of Gens that is a mixture of re-recording & newest Gens. #1 When players connect in Kaillera have the new Gens show that it's a new version. The version number of Gens has stayed the same for quite a while so you do not know which version the other one is using when they connect to Kaillera, I have tried this and made posts about it. This is a way to prove that the other one is using the same version and we have a way to have a rule to enforce it. #2 There is something a miss in the network code or how Gens is handling the info
  3. Interesting and raises questions. The app is free so that's all good. From the looks of it you can host / join directly or you can rent a cloud gaming server where you connect to. A "cloud" gaming server is something that has been discussed here as well at times that it would be nice to have one on the western coast of France for cross Atlantic connections. The guy was using Steam on the cloud server to install Fifa so I can't see why you could not install a Gens / Kega and run a server there where people then connect. But there is also a false claim on that video. He says that the cli
  4. The only NHL jersey I got. It's a Starter one bought from the US and I got no name / number on it, but was planning to have #10 Bure put on it. Might still do it at a later date. Started to gain interest towards the NHL more after seeing Bure skate around the Blackhawks D and slap the shot from back from the blueline to the goal 91-92 in a clip on Finnish TV.
  5. I am using a basic Microsoft keyboard at the moment with USB connection to my laptop. Probably a cost of 10$. No adjusted USB polling rates to registry. In 2000's while playing Quake etc. I've played the game also with adjusted polling rates and they can make a tiny difference. Aka negate the effects on low agility a bit. I think I had that with my last keyboard 2014 in Ducky Shine 4 mechanical keyboard, probably the best keyboard I've ever used for gaming. Clearly as I'm not using that now I can say that lag compensation has much more effect playing online in NHL94. Changing polling r
  6. I think this is a troll attempt, but in case it is not it needs a clarification at least for not so familiar players with the game. -Dallas has won Gens A as well and has the same home/away as Detroit. Your claim still stands that no one else could win with Detroit, but it is not because of advantages as Dallas proves that point wrong. -In ETB home/away was changed to minimum effect and more teams ended up having better road record than home record than ever before, so it looks like advantages do play a part even in static rom. Their effect is probably closer to what Smoz already proved i
  7. By default most connections should be steady nowadays. For overseas by default do not use smoothing. The +1 frame adds to input lag that is already high from the latency alone. Problems with specific connections should be more rare by default, if you experience problems with someone then consider using smoothing, but do not use it pre-emptively (it would be silly). What was meant is that Discord eats a lot of resources for a chat/voIP program. So especially for older computers it's good to turn off while gaming. Some of the players who play Overwatch for example with more powerfull comput
  8. Discord is very heavy to use. Some of the guys who play Overwatch competitively told me this and that they shut it down while playing with more powerfull desktop computers. For VoIP there are more lighter options during gameplay. But I like discord for how it connects people, it's good for chat and PM for me.
  9. I don't know what UB exactly means but I guess it is to do with connection on a breakdown / desync. It tries to help it with adding rope to the connection with extra latency, but 4ms is not really much so I'm not even using that. I think Hamachi pays no difference here. It's just a tool to give you a virtual IP-address and fake a LAN connection with guys in the same network via those IP-addresses. The connection itself should be direct between the players so that the data does not go through any hamachi server or so. Of course in theory it's better the less programs are running in the backg
  10. That is A type lag. High latency -> delay in your controls. If the game on Pearate end is all smooth then it's probably not the connection causing it but something on his computer rather or the rare compatibility issue. On P2P connection if the other connection has packetloss/high fluctuation in ping then both experience it.
  11. Oh, great news. Why not ditch Gens and play with Kega. The emulation is smoother and closer to real Genesis as well. The last time I tested Kega online was probably somewhere in the last decade, perhaps it's netcode has also been updated. It also eliminates the problem of someone gaining advantage of rerecording and it's lag compensation over someone who does not. If Kega does not however have a updated netplay and it's like I recall it to be then it's still a bad option (for me). Kega also has default linux version that run 100% smooth on Linux, just tried the 3.63x version from the site
  12. Yes Kega is much smoother but you guys should be below/around 100ms in ping to still make it playable. When it gets to 140ms+ it should be too slow and unbearable to me at least. Also how would you send a savestate to the site to have that game show up there? Only option would be to do it manually in a gens afterwards, sounds like awfully a lot to do.
  13. To answer your first question. Yes, do not use smoothing. It is only good against jumpy screen problem. Otherwise you only ADD to latency, which makes A type of lag worse aka long distance connections. Like the word smoothing says it is to smoothen down an edgy / jumpy connection by adding artificial latency to the connection to not react to jumpiness in ping, which is worse for response. In kaillera Ping = Frames = Latency = A type Lag. The more frames, the more delay in your controls, that is bad for competitive gaming. To the second question. So when you say I have a be
  14. Yes, very good topics Aqua. I modified my long post and it should be easier to read now. It's still a wall of text but should cover majority of the issues. This has been an issue for me in the past as well and now that there are possible tools to help in it it is for the community to decide what direction all this goes. There is nothing much else I can provide. I'd prefer the competitive way and reverting back would probably make me look at other games. Probably frustration shining through here as I've tried to be vocal about it.
  15. Know the lag you are facing. Lag is commonly defined to having problems in online gaming but not especially defined what it is. For TLDR type guys I recommend to read at least A & B. A ) Over long distance there will always be delay with how modern physics work unless something new is found. So even with the speed of light there will be a harsh input delay between the continents on p2p or client side connection. This is what I usually call lagging, it's a high ping aka high latency. It makes your controller inputs work in delay, so that it's much harder to react to the opponent in rea
  16. I just re-installed my Linux. I was using Linux mint Cinnamon 17.x before and that required some work to get things work out even though Cinnamon should be the flagship of the Linux Mint brand. Now I'm using Linux Mint 18.1 Xfce version and I only had to install Wine + Playonlinux from the software manager and everything works like charmed. Just installed the plugins Wine prompted about when starting Gens and netplay is fine as well. Perhaps it was about the version number more than about Cinnamon vs Xfce. Under Cinnamon 17.x I had some performance issues with my old laptop, but 18.1 Xfce
  17. I'm just going to bump this so people will notice this more easily. Et tu Brute has already been running in discord for a while and there are 46 members connected to the NHL94 server. After using Discord for a while I can say that It's easy to use. I'm only running discord in a browser and don't have any apps installed. Just need to create the account and use the join link below. I like the chat as well and the dark theme it has (you can change to a lighter one from settings as well). For me this is much better than AIM and as there are a l
  18. You can get kaillera to work on Linux, but I think it requires some vb libraries installed on Linux for it to run properly. You might want to check this post by wboy to get nose work where it's done. You can find other Linux information from below. Perhaps some Linux version run the casual gens normally but I had to use rerecording and they're 100% compatible with rerecording having so
  19. This is exactly the same with some pass shots. To "fool" the goalie to follow a certain trajectory where the puck is expected to go from the players momentum and then do something that does not disturb the movement so the goalie does not fix the position. It helps a lot when you gain experience from doing these by repetition so you will be able to do them when when the goalie has just moved so it will be even harder to make a save by the AI. When it comes from the backbone and there is no need to think how you do it, then you've become efficient with them. Off topic: For pad vs kbrd conver
  20. NHL95 Looks fine, it was also probably more popular overall in Finland than 94 was, actually overall it was the first one to be a huge hit in sells of hockey games. I have one problem with the Genesis version of 95 though. The skating seems much more hectic and less precise than compared to 94. If that was not the case I think you could do pass shots in 95 effectively as well, but now it seems just so much more random and almost impossible to line up properly for the diagonal ones. Am I wrong here and is it just a lack of experience on the game or can you use skating skill to line up for gr
  21. That would be a smart option, but I would feel "cheap" doing that for some reason. Perhaps I could use that against players who would use that move themselves, similar to 5 hole passes. I thought Zep meant with Coffey, but that was impossible to stop.
  22. There was nothing to be done there. I switched to the D-man there, but Coffey was skating forward and the momentum just carried over, impossible not to commit. That was a good strip by Plabax before the situation and a prime example why I say it's defence that creates opportunities for offence. Some people just see the good offence or the possible result from that, but miss the play that leads to it, defence is super important. Overall I also was down 2 goals, I could not just be able to sit around late in the third. I'm sure there are mistakes out there from both sides to point out, even that
  23. I'm just gonna do these quick in a similar way that NHL96, NHL97 and NHL98 has. I'll quit after EA started to implement the EA Trax and pop music to the games, after that the menu experience just went flat and I know I'm not the only one there. NHL99 enjoyed even more success playing against other guys than 98. I think this was actually the first NHL game I also played IP to IP connected game as well over the internet. If I don't recall wrong you had to type something to unlock the internet option. The music is following more the theme of NHL96 and going for those heavy riffs and heavy sou
  24. One of my favourite NHL games ever. Also probably because we were able to make online leagues for this the first time properly. Set up your own web page, update trades during season, 20+ players constantly etc. Also legendary intro! Are you afraid of the masked man? I liked these menu tunes as well, especially menu 2, 5 & Loss theme. The enthusiasm on this one got once to a point that I ruined a relationship I had with a girl by prioritizing NHL'98 and the online leagues above her, haha. It was so new and to get to the open world competition was overwhelming.
  25. This game was a bit let down. It was nearly impossible to defend certain types of players and a specific move. There was an absurd type of goal that you could score with always, I once scored 24 goals with Probert on all-star vs my friend who was a very competitive player as well. Yes, you just could not take those tanks down when doing a wobbly movement, talk about Blitz^n+1. Just a stupid game, but the intro & menu were ok in this one as well. Few legendary tunes, probably 1, 4 are my favourites from this one, but there were better games. Theme continued the same heavy/industrial type Je