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  1. If Labs has been longer on the waiting list, try to move someone from B to A and give Labs a spot in B. But if no one wants to move from B to A, I'll gladly take over that Washington team (Stevie Y + Wesley was good, but then it's just a mystery how the team is built, no offence hokkee ++ now when I look at it more, there is some logic behind adding wgh + chk, apparently built in mind of no use of B-check, but still looks like a couple of top picking rounds were missed). =) I can wait too, don't want any special treatments because of recommendations and if necessary can start from B too and work my way up. And to Hokkee, you never quit from NHL94 completely. You always come back for it. Had around 2 years of break since our last cup in Finland and came back for more for this christmas cup. Got bitten by the NHL94 bee then completely again. Before that it must've been around 4-5 years we had leagues in Finland. So even if you have breaks the game and players will still be around assumeably when you come back for it. Sometimes we all just need a "day" off.
  2. Jawohl! Heard out about the opening on A league for Washington. Not a pretty start for the team, but I'm up for the job to take over. I'll be updating my internet connection for a proper stable one wednesday so if anyone wants to try it out first it's understandable. AIM: harri.nissinen(at)gmail.com
  3. Some of the examples don't make sense and are out of context. It's like we who wouldn't approve banning any scoring are all in for players being able to use their hands in soccer as well (Maradona anyone?-)), not the case. It's still ice hockey and there are no ultimate unrealistic glitches in the game, manual goalie can stop it all and ultimately your defence. Having bans in goals would most likely change little to nothing in the results. Like I stated before, to me pass shot is still more like a wrister as with normal shot you can basically do only slap shot or snap shot, you also tend to get some accidental pass goals sometimes when the other wing goes faster than anticipated and behind the net. One could also argue that B-check is a glitch, but realistically it's not. With B on defence you change player, you poke and you trip (it could actually have more meaning, it does the checking emotion even with B towards the boards occasionally, moar complex game than ever thought!). But it's usually a tripping call always when you get a penalty for that. It just makes sense that way and why weight bug doesn't affect that. Plus when you think of real hockey, go try and imagine how a proper saucer pass is made, now imagine yourself making a wrister. You can only do a pass goal when there are no players on a certain degree from the puck and direction you use B, this mostly applies to breakaways. Game could be even more complex than we thought! And now something that purely comes out from experience from other games. I'm all in for newer players having cups of their own with certain rules, but in smaller communities like this it only brings trouble and creates parity which leads to destruction of the community eventually. It's a 20 year old game and there is some elitism involved and it might take a while for newer online players to catch up, but it's all worth it and there are exceptions, just watched the TK Klima video as well coming from a newcomer and winning GDL on his first season. Props! I do agree that better players should play with worse teams, but that's usually adjusted by drafting isn't it (at least in the NA leagues).
  4. All the goals in NHL94 can be prevented though, there are no ultimate glitches that you can really do nothing against. I always thought of the pass shot as more of a "wrister" even in the old days of NHL Hockey on PC. Banning goals would deteriorate the skill coming in to play. I don't like the dump from behind the net one, saw Swos try that a couple of times against me in the Finnish christmas cup, but it doesn't seem that effective either and even that can be defended. =)
  5. I'll be updating my internet connection the upcoming week so I need someone to confirm that connection as I'm planning to join some NA leagues or waiting lists. Hit me up and we can schedule a game from wed/thu onwards. AIM: harri.nissinen(at)gmail.com
  6. I blame swos for guiding us to sign up via this thread!
  7. I've noticed something similar ever since NHL Hockey on PC. But did not think it's something to do with wind up speed. General feel is power > accuracy is more powerfull shots but they tend to go off target more often than on power = accuracy or power < accuracy even if accuracy was the same an all of those cases. Think of an example like Modano, those shots go wide real often, you don't see that happen with Gretzky who has a 2/2 shot, but relatively often with Modanos 5/2. Not saying I'm right, but just my general feel, which seems to go together in a way with what Plabax has thought about that it somehow affects the speed of the shot/windup with the greater difference.
  8. Ok, Swos and I had some talks yesterday and he suggested to come on in and test the no rules NA hockey. I have my reservations regarding it, but I'll give it a go as well and hop on in. Gonna update contacts later. IRC: IRCnet #eliteleague (like most other active finns) e-mail: harri.nissinen(at)gmail.com
  9. http://www.google.com and word gens open the official homepage of gens and on downloads take the version 2.11 that's the latest official version I guess
  10. great, but the thing that u can't play it multiplayer online just makes it not even comparable with snes or gens version, but if we're doing offline comparison, well, then the thing could be different. (I just enjoy playing 20-30 human player nhl94 leagues too much, compared playing cpu or just your friend who visits occasionally)
  11. Genesis version easily: Multiplayer ONLINE: okay snes has this too, SegaCD doesnt, and onlineplay is a major thing for me, I only play nhl94 online nowadays Hackable bins: can edit new teams and stuff, smaller puck, realistic goal crease and stuff, u cant beat that.
  12. I actually was up to KGman's challenge, on first try our games went like this win for KGman (mtl-van original bin; no rules) win for me (cgy-mtl nhl2005a.bin; no rules) win for KGman (buf-mtl original bin; no rules) win for KGman (nyi-mtl original bin; no rules) win for me (chi-mtl original bin; no rules) win for me (chi-mtl original bin; no rules) win for me (chi-mtl original bin; no rules) so 4-3 for me but it could've gone either way, on game 7 it got first desync and KGman lead that game, so all respect for him, and he played with 105ping against my 65ping so -40 ping for my benefit ... and I've lost every game when playing on U.S soil at 45-120 ping, ~80 ... GG's against Tick too GG's KGman ps. no need on that 50$ for that game 7 incident, could've gone either way and it's just a matter of perspective. ps2. KG, get ready for a new challenge, let's try to find a decent server with equal ping difference on the opposite ways too and we can play your home games on U.S soil and my on Europe
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