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  1. In my experience the ideal online settings are like this: Graphics settings: Vsync = unchecked Render = double or full screen (performance can be enhanced more by using interpolated 25% scanline) Lag compensation = 0-2 (I don't want to push it farther for skewy stuff, I like 1 or 2) Sound: Enabled = checked Rate = 11025 Stereo = unchecked -I could even play sound off for even better performance, but it cannot be enforced as someone will play with sound & I don't want to get too handicapped. If anyone uses more expensive sound settings it would be a bit worse on my end than the opponents, but lag compensation will help there at least if he is not using lag compensation to compensate that. Equal settings should somehow be enforced for equal experience and response. If the game feels too heavy on my side in comparison to my opponent, then I will adjust my sound settings a notch up (stereo on & 22050 or 44100) untill I feel it being even. Moving lag compensation to up to 3, 4 would be the final stretch. It's a pity if I have to do that since the response could be so much better for both with just the low settings. This is my take on the gens lag/online latency. I could be wrong on a few of the theories, but this is what I will do from now on untill / if something is settled officially and there is a way to enforce it.
  2. I think that this version has vsync on by default, so you could try unchecking that and check if it does any difference.
  3. Explanation of "Lag compensation" <- The setting that 2.14 or 2.12b netplaysave does not have. It's under Graphics -> Lag Compensation #0 - Default (Set to adjust for 0 frame of video lag) #1 - Best GUI lua sync in some games (Set to adjust for 1 frame of video lag) #2 - Responsive / Recommended (Set to adjust for 2 frames of video lag) #3 - Over-responsive (Set to adjust for 3 frames of video lag) #4 - Heaviest / Expensive (Set to adjust for 4 frame of video lag) At best this is a beneficial option for everyone to have. To me it seems to provide better response to my controls in online game, perhaps it's true at least for more latency. The negative side of this is that if over-used, having more or equal to the frames you have in online game it has some skewy effects and can cause harm to your opponent. This is a setting that can be used maliciously if only one side is aware of it and does not negate the effects with his options.
  4. We were having a discussion of rerecording in the upcoming Brutus league chat and Jer suggested that can't you spot if someone is using it from the login screen. I did a test on this with 2.14, 2.12b netplaysave & rerecording. A ) 2.12b netplaysave host and rerecording connecting Connection Request from Depch (Gens 2.10)... Connected to Depch (Gens 2.10) B ) 2.14 host and rerecording connecting Connection Request from Depch (Gens 2.10)... Connected to Depch (Gens 2.10) C ) 2.14 host and 2.12b netplaysave connecting Connection Request from Depch (Gens 2.10)... Connected to Depch (Gens 2.10) So there is no way to prove if someone is using it. Without having the knowledge of it, it can provide unfair advantage if the other player uses only 2.12b netplaysave and lag compensation is used as that option is not available in 2.14 or 2.12b netplaysave. It looks like that the information for the netplay has been left as it is at some point and hasn't been updated since. If this could be updated and we'd start to use that as an enforced version to play the game we could disallow rerecording from being used. Someone could change it to their own version of rerecording for sure, so if there was a way to make the games incompatible with other versions it would work. If the above just does not work, I recommend everyone moves to rerecording and you play with the settings that feel allright to you yourself as this is something that cannot be enforced. Other options are moving to Kega (include netplaysave in proper form on that somehow).
  5. I did some checkup on the Blitz provided draft list and used the custom filters to finetune them to my liking. This is the first draw of the weighing of players on, so it could change a bit, but it's going to be something like this. I separated the forwards and D-men to their own pages so you can change the view from bottom of the page. The D-men list pretty much applies for CB-checkers in GDL as well (purely from defensive aspect), but I would lessen the importance of weight there and improve the importance of checking skill. With CB if you have checking of 4+ the AI can check players with weight +/- 1 instead of 2 and sometimes even the same weight. https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1K10W08Gogp5WYw2Yw1FqtpuqSEw8xQG5uq6has6M4oY/edit?usp=sharing It's still not 100% that I go by the order of the list (I would take Lemieux before Mogilny for example), but it's a good indicator of the value of players to me.
  6. Indeed. And the ability to interact there would be great as well via commentary on things at least on the bio/history/review. I recon things as we are doing them at the moment is getting quite old. Everything should be moving under one platform/site little by little integrating stuff and enhanching features without becoming a massive labyrinth. I do not think it's a hard thing to do, it's easy to keep it simple while adding things up. What it requires is time and effort and for grown ups like majority of this scene is it is hard to do.
  7. I have been suggesting a "user card" page for the nhl94online.com page a few times. Here is an example of what it could consist of. I decided to do this example as a review of myself. I'm going to start with the competitions chronologically I have taken part of. It would be nice to be able to comment yourself on them how you had experienced a specific league. Maybe even be able to add a sum of how you had experienced a full year in gaming. There could also be option to write a bio, add a photo etc on top of the page. This is purely text based so obviously in the pages it could also include a more graphical version of it as well like trophies etc. Leagues & Tournaments participated in chronological order: 2014: Blitz 8: First round exit // round 1 Ice - Depch 4-0 // First NA league, did not participate in draft. Comeback after several years of absence to large NHL94 leagues. Had a very good offensive roster that I miserably failed with, also had to adapt to new physics and checking equation. Gdl XI: Second round exit // round 2 Plabax - Depch 4-1, round 1 Depch - DaWookie 4-0 // First GDL league, did well in draft and had a team of Fedorov, Kamensky, Turcotte, Chelios, Chiasson, Burke. This season Plabax introduced us all to CB-checking. Plabax was on a strong team of Gretzky, Lemieux, Carson, Coffey, Murphy. Blitz 9: First round exit // round 1 Plabax - Depch 4-2 // I was testing a G-D-D route in draft to see how effective the goalies can be in the game. I did poor drafting value wise, I could have gotten a better offence by trading picks but gameplay was good anyways and the team felt enjoyable to play with. Classic 2014 Fall: Win // round 3: Depch - Brutus 4-1, round 2: Depch - Sicarius 4-1, round 1 Depch - Fitzo 4-2 // First balanced drafting in Classic league. League also included Seth with Washington & Raph with New Jersey but I did not have to meet them up in the playoffs. Dream team tournament: Win // round 4: Depch - Kingraph 2-0, round 3: Depch - Labs 2-1, round 2: Kingraph - Depch 1-2, round 1: Depch - Donnybrook 2-0 - Total 8-2 // Fantasy tournament based on Blitz rules. Frey also took part to this tournament, but he was eliminated early on, this was a tournament of the underdogs. Perhaps the even rosters played a part on that? The year 2014 brought some success and harsh facing to reality, that I had to improve a lot. I was mostly disappointed in my draft league performances. Plabax showed that there was still things to learn in NHL94 with bringing out CB-checking. I also had not been spoiled with the era of "buggers" so I was more than ready to go for the "new" direction NA hockey in drafts was to take. 2015: Gdl XII: First round exit // round 1: Freydey - Depch 4-1 // Poor performance on my behalf, this league I was starting to adapt to do CB-checks. In the playoffs Freydey wiped me and I couldn't find an answer to his speed oriented simple offence and great manual goalie control. Classic 2015 Spring: Loss in finals // round 3: Depch - Swos 1-4, round 2: Depch - Kingraph 4-1, round 1: AJ - Depch 3-4 // First round was played locally in Finland vs AJ on hotseat. Raph was struggling with Boston all season. I expected to win vs Swos as I felt I had the history over him in Classic in Finland, but he was mentally stronger this time. Second classic season in a row to be in the finals. Balanced team drafting in this classic league as well. Blitz 10: First round exit // round 1: Zalex - Depch 4-1 // After having success in DTT I expected to do very well by drafting Hull, I tried to go on a first conservative draft in Blitz leagues and have success. Instead I got poor performance from myself and the team. I became to know to forfeit Blitz early on after finishing the season and was low on motivation after the failures I experienced in wbfixed leagues excluding the DTT. Woved to focus on classic physics only after this. Small players in Blitz were effective in this league as well if you knew to use it as shown by Plabax. The classic physics and Blitz style were coming closer together due to CB. Gdl XIII: First round exit // round 1 Seth - Depch 4-0 // I thought I drafted a good team here with Oates-Larmer combination, but had a very poor regular season and was swept by Seth, I also did experience problems on my end when he used his old laptop, no problems with the new one and my unit has changed as well. Classic 2015 Fall: Second round exit // round 2: Depch - Seth 2-4, round 1: Depch - Ice 4-1 // Huge disappointment in a loss to Seth after having a very strong regular season with Boston (30-10). Seth kept his focus and his intensity grew towards the end and took over my control of first 4 games. Beforehand I remember already thinking that I'd make it to Classic finals in 3 seasons a row, but that was evidently premature. Ice did not have a team to match up the Bruins, he was using Toronto. Classic got back to a random draft. Disappointing year overall. My performance in draft leagues continued to be very poor to the standards that I had been used to in Finnish leagues. I had always perceived Swos as a bit of a rival in Finnish leagues, so I really did want that win in the classic, we had a lot of close matchups going both ways in the early 2000's. Year ended in an exhausting loss to Seth in Classic as well. Was planning to play on GDL14 but some necessary life changes took place and I was forced to take a break from gaming, I also had a very strong team in Velocity league that I had to drop out from. 2016: Classic 2016 Fall: Second round exit // round 2: Kingraph - Depch 4-0, round 1: Depch - Tex 4-3 // First league after 10 months of absence and getting back in a better shape physically and mentally. Expected to fare very well with the fast team of Dallas. Tex offered a real challenge with Buffalo and almost provided an upset. Kingraph dominated this classic season with the heavy Rangers that was fitting to his style and I did not win him even in a single exi this season. 2017: Plablegs: Second round exit // round 2: Depch - Plabax 2-4, round 1: Depch - Zep 4-3 // Equilevant to GDL, a classic physics based draft league with modifications to reducing luck in play. In the playoffs Zep went on to take a 3-0 lead in our series and all I remembered during game 4 is that I had sworn to not lose 4-0 ever in playoffs again (after losing to KR last fall Classic). Good series on round 2 vs Plabax. Games vs him were much better this year than in 2014 when I met him twice. Princes and Paupers: Finished fifth // 11-7 Record with classic Ottawa Senators // A classic regular season of A & B players where A players chose to draft from the bottom 5 teams of Classic teams and B players drafted any top team of their choice. Hosted by nhl94rocks.com and an interesting take on how much effect the roster has when there is skill difference involved in play. As an aftermath in general I can write that A players won the battle vs B players. Et tu, Brute league: Ongoing. // Current record 43-11 // Going to finish second in this regular season as well. Can be compared to Blitz. No classic season for this spring I decided to support the league Brutus kicked off. [Blog] This year Gens rerecording has helped me get my game more reactive due to latency compensation, you can find separate thread on where I have discussed this. I had my best regular season (22-4) in a high level draft league equilevant to GDL. I've become more efficient with pass shots, B-checks and goaltending now to a same level what it was in our Finnish league years early 2000. Years 2014-2016 I had experienced so much problems that I had actually stopped doing B-checks and to give perspective to this is that in our Finnish leagues I only used B-checks. I feel like I'm able to compete to my fullest now. I know I have already changed my mediocre draft league results from 2014 and 2015 for the better. Series vs Plabax in plablegs was much better already than in previous years and I know I can come as a challenger to leagues now. Currently ongoing league in Et tu, Brute has been exhausting as of late. The league is just killing any interest in playing the game with a few slackers on board. 90% of the league could have finished the season a week or few ago already, I have not played a league game for a while now and have to wait 2 weeks untill playoffs start. Summer break will come in a good time. We will see if I come back for more in the fall. 94 is a big part of my personal gaming history, but it's not the only game I have played a lot. I have enjoyed EASHL 6on6 hockey even more than NHL94 in the past and it might be something I might dwelve in to. [/Blog] Won playoff rounds vs lost: 9-10 // I'm excluding the tournaments here. -Losses to: Plabax * 3, Seth * 2, Swos, Kingraph, Ice, Freydey, Zalex // I am content with this, they all are high A level players. -Wins vs: DaWookie, Fitzo, Sicarius, Brutus, AJ, Kingraph, Ice, Tex, Zep Your all time user statistics, that already exists so it would be easy to implement. Perhaps even your top 3 head to head opponents who you fare best against and worst. On a level of 0-5 there could be evaluation of your performance, something like below: Offence: 4- // Excellent with timing onetimers and able to do pass shots with range, probably first one to bring rebounds to modern age NA hockey. Poor at dekes and rely on passing or straight line skating power to create room. Defence: 4+ // Most of the time consistent and patient play. All styles of C, CB & B in use. Using passive & passive aggressive style usually. Goaltending: 3- // This has improved as of late, but too early to include that here. Goaltending has often lead to an uphill battle against other coaches. As there are many levels to pass shots and rebounds effectivity, different tricks and how you can perform them could also be rated invidually. Just throwing out hints what could be done. Player shoutouts and comments to the bottom of the card page. Any negativity and hostility without constructive feedback should always result as a warning and eventually as bans from being able to comment on them. Aka nhl94online.com would have require a login to do so but that shouldn't be hard to implement to the site. All of this is basically pointing on how you could bring part of the forums, matchmaking and stuff closer towards one site. My idea with improving the match page is similar and synchronous to this. So even player matchups could be arranged via an implemented commentary system on a player bio, maybe another side page to it where you can have discussions about your future matchups. This way you're not even required to use AIM for league match making (sends e-mail notifications etc. on new comments in matchmaking page). So possible pages for your user "card" could be - Bio - League history - Matchmaking -.
  8. If one is unable to do it, but tries to do so then you are correct. I can say that I was a non C-checker in the time of Finnish leagues, just B. But this is just word play, at least I hope everyone understood what I meant. Let's hope this clarified things more to people. ps. I'm getting way too defensive in this so I will take some distance to the whole thing and just focus on playing.
  9. This version of Gens emulator did not have it's own thread so it might be lost for MANY. If you are not aware, there is another version of the Gens emulator that is found on the site package. This is a Gens emulator that has much more options for recording movies and still has the very same netplaysave options that the basic one downloaded from the site nhl94online.com. What this Gens does have is the ability to change settings from Graphics menu -> Latency compensation You need to be aware that this can be of great help to balance your gaming out. It has been around for quite some time so several might have been able to take advantage of it and as it is compatible to the gens version found on site, you can never tell if anyone is using it to your advantage. It has been posted in this setup at least, so it's been available for at least 4½ years, I just found it out a couple of months ago and been testing it some in plablegs. It has helped me to improve my timings on B-checks and goalie control that I was struggling with previously. The version without netplaysave has been around for much longer. Theoretical: I think the faster response also helps with the AI play, but I cannot confirm this. But it "feels" like it provides better initiative for your players that they can be all around the opponent players. If it feels like you're getting hopelessly run over by your opponent and your guys are not doing anything, this could be the case. Try this out then. Perhaps things like this could support even the move to Kega if it emulates the play better compared to original Genesis version and is closer to live experience, if only it could have the netplaysave option and in similar forms to gens so the data can be read easily for reporting. https://storage.googleapis.com/google-code-archive-downloads/v2/code.google.com/gens-rerecording/Gens11svn.zip
  10. I see this becoming only sentimental case for trolling. So this will also be my last pro CB post in this thread. Before CB era, there were 0 defencemen that could manual check the guys below. Yes, zero defencemen that can manual check the guys below. I repeat one more time, 0 guys that could manually c-check the guys below. Kovalenko, Fleury, Carter, Belanger, Hynes, Pederson, Kennedy, McInnis, Acton, Bassen, Borsato, Millen, Donato, Drake, Broten, Emerson, Sweeney, Bradley, Gretzky, Roenick, Gilmour, Thompson, Giles, T.Sweeney, Smail, DiMaio, Straka, Russel, Barnes, Petrovicky, Rucinsky, Erickson, Kozlov, Kasper, Brisebois, Nylander, Lapointe, Audette, Kron, Nedved, Todd, Leeman, Keane, Svoboda, Lidstrom, Zhitnik, Juneau, Lebeeau, Eklund, Savard, Ronning, Ciccarelli, Bure, Lafontaine There are 3 defencemen in Sweeney, Pederson & Hynes that can manual check (aka use C) the following guys. Lipuma, Roberge, Woolley, Watters, Shuchuk, Loewen, C.Luongo, Bozon, Butsayev, McKay, Stapleton, Bergevin, Haller, Konowalchuk, Romaniuk, Sullivan, Needham, Evans, Evason, Krygier, Hannan, Brunet, Foote, Pearson, Lafreniere, Tippett, Cunnyworth, Freer, Leach, Burr, Pellerin, Wilson, Lazaro, Hughes, C.J Young, Andersson, Brown, Boschman, Pantaleyev, Presley, Beranek, Garpenlov, Gilchrist, Gill, Gaudreau, Lamb, Sjodin, Gallant, Konstantov, Bautin, Lowe, Leach, Sheppard, B.Mullen, Racine, Heinze, Daigneault, Volek, Driver, Cote, Elynuik, Maciver, Nicholls, Gusarov, Craig, Carbonneau, Ferraro, Kisio, Errey, Davydov, Amonte, Sutter, Craven, Donnelly, Weight, Yake, Zelepukin, Graves, Kvartalnov, Turcotte, Borschevsky, Sutter, Thomas, Nemchinov, Makarov, Courtnall, Reichel, J.Mullen, Sanderson, Semak, Damphousse, Hawerchuk, Granato, Gagner, Letch, Bondra, Recchi, Sakic, Housley, Selanne, Yzerman The key question is how does that make the non B-checkers _FEEL_. CB is easier to execute yes than time a proper B in online play. CB requires some skill as well, it doesn't take it away, does it make harder to execute skating techniques, yes. Does it remove the necessity to be effective on B, yes, but it doesn't remove the skill from the game. This becomes a sentimental question of preference. CB check exists in the classic rom and unless the official live tournaments are changed to be used custom roms in Gens then I see no way there being a change to key online leagues either or it would be detrimental to live play strip that away. For that reason true Classic league should always exist as it emulates that play even though how much I like the static no penalties with b-check.
  11. Where it's harder is just a stupid argument. You play with your strenghts or change & adapt if you can, this game is played with an emulator on a computer, so everyone has a keyboard, not everyone has a gamepad or came from a different platform. I hope we leave the keyboard vs gamepad stuff out. Both have their strenghts. I will try to adapt for the gamepad due possible future tournaments at one point if not for the fall one. They should be a blast to attend to as hotseat offers a very intense experience for games and the non latency allows to show of better skill. Like I stated my adaptation will be tough for the fast movements on dpad and to try to teach that left thumb to work well, I hope the experience with xbox360 controller helps there. For right thumb it's easy and the timing for these are wired in my brain already. In the end not all people are on the same level in terms of dexterity, nerves and how brain works. Not everyone will be capable of that stuff on keyboard or gamepad. For some it requires a lot more work and some can pick it up easier.
  12. Yes, timing has to be precise or you miss the window for the pass to go to the open net. On DPAD for the first goal you just neet to hold northeast then turn it up, you don't have to release your thumb. If you play up with a lefty just skate northeast from a proper angle and then turn up and press B. If you're on a bad angle, you just have to move your thumb left/northwest and then back northeast, repeat if angle is still bad. I don't understand how that could be hard. I have played some consoles with gamepads so it's easy to visualize. That should not be hard. You probably do that motion most of the time in games for dekes. It is mental, I know I will be able to do the first goal with a gamepad easily with a little practise. What will take loads of time is to teach my thumb the quick movements in the second video, but it is doable as well, at start the precision will be very much off. That just takes time, also you should use similar motion for fixing your position on defence, at least I do. That's where I will struggle if/when moving to gamepad.
  13. On the video that you commented the release doesn't happen vertically, it happens holding the movement directly UP. That's why I showed that video as the one where you should learn it first. That shouldn't be hard, just skate diagonally on a proper lane, turn up or down and release, no technique involved, showing it's about controlling where the goalie is mostly. I think that not everyone is on the same field with dexterity so for some it might take a lot of work and repeat, some might not never be able to do it. The concept is same for both, keyboard and gamepad, just different technique in executing, there are no extra directions for keyboards. It's best for what you're used to.
  14. I did 4 quick ones more with similar style, showing it off on replay. This time I took a better goalie to show that they work on better goalies as well. Bure vs Roy. The technique is simple. Fool the goalie, find a correct lane to come in so you have an empty place to place the shot in, fool the goalie with your movement / hold him still and release.
  15. I have not done others, just did that as an example. This particular pass shot is very much situational, it's easy to block with defencemen. Great pass shooters can do it from the crowd as well, but it's still quite hard. You can see JV / Kingraph do this type at least. The same concept is true for other pass shots as well. Goalie follows where the puck is going to be skated and holds that trajectory. Fake the goalie with the movement and create room then you can start to use the sling with the stick as well for the release. The X-movement of the player helps with the pass moving a bit in a diagonal fashion. It is more of a "feel" type of a goal that comes with repetition that you don't have to really even think about it when doing it, you just feel it and do it from the backbone. Courtnall can hold the goalie in the middle from farther than Lumme. It's about trajectory and fooling the goalie and getting used to that, everyone can pass. Then just get used to the puck picking up on the diagonal movement. Repeat, repeat and you get used to it, when you start from this, you can apply to it to other types.
  16. I changed it to hidden, should work now?
  17. I think that it's easier than many people think. It's not the same combination of buttons everytime people do it. Basically it is finding a good position for it and trying to hook the goalie to your movement, so it's a lot about fast moves left and right and then just pressing the pass button and it's not always identical. The goalie has a trajectory on the puck movement so doing small dekes can force the goalie to open up for the pass. You finish the pass with kind of like what you could think of a sling move and pass at the end of it. The easiest pass shot that I first learned was similar to the short side snap shot deke to a goalie. You know where you come diagonally short side and the goalie leaves the short side open. Well, that same applies to a pass shot and the faster the player, the farther you can do it because of the goalie trajectory leaving the post a bit open. In this one you don't even have to do the sling movement just skate diagonally and straighten your skating to upward and pass directly upwards. I made a small clip of this. Key things to notice are that the goalie follows the trajectory of the puck. Notice the goalie not moving at all when Lumme skates diagonally, because that is where the puck is projected to go, he just holds the position, then at a proper moment just straighten up and pass. The following I did with Courtnall from a bit farther but it follows the same logic, the goalie just holds the position because of trajectory and then just release at a proper moment when the angle for the pass is proper. Remember that the pass picks up on the trajectory of the movement your player had so you don't even have to be at a direct Y line to do it. This is probably the simplest one and the very first I had learned.
  18. Yes, the latter is proven to happen, it happened in GDL and I was astonished what was going on at first, it happened a few times. Not all AI players are better with it, but it might be something to do with chk or one thing I've speculated with agr is that it's how "dirty" the player gets when performing contact as it is also the likelyhood for penalty. Higher agr tends to result in dirtier penalties by referees. It could be speed/timing for the AI check as well. Now I think it is a great feature if it has something to do with the chk attribute. Btw. Also Otto & Fetisov take Messier down with ease with CB this is experienced in plablegs and they are only +1 in weight, if it was a 100% reverse to C, it would had to be +2. So chk definately might have something to do with AI checking.
  19. If you are indicating that where as C check would not always get it done, but a CB does due to this AI behaviour then you are propably right. I have noticed someone like Kasparaitis throw a hit to Oates and Oates falls down, this happened in some GDL vs Seth. That should not happen because they are both the same weight, so perhaps checking plays some part in computer checks, not all players are capable of that. Perhaps speed plays some part of that as well, Coffey can be a very effective CB-checker. Anyways. I took a time out of my interest to go through the players a bit from the oldschool classic view, era pre CB and thus continue my "little promoting crusade" for CB in classic. 3 Kovalenko & Fleury - Natural resistance to all manual checks by D-men, only can be brought down by B-check 4 Roenick & Gretzky - Natural resistance to all manual checks by D-men, natural resistance to B-checks as well due stick 5+ 4 Gilmour, Bradley, Broten, Emerson & etc - Natural resistance to all manual checks by D-men, only can be brought down by B-check 5 Bure, Lafontaine, Ciccarelli, Savard - Natural resistance to all manual checks by D-men, natural resistance to B-checks as well due stick 5+ 5 Ronning, Eklund, Lebeau, Juneau & etc - Natural resistance to all manual checks by D-men, only can be brought down by B-check 6 Yzerman, Hawerchuk, Damphousse, Makarov, Housley, Leetch - Manual checks from D by Sweeney, Pederson, Hynes, natural resistance to B-checks as well due stick 5+ 6 Selanne, Sakic, Recchi, Reichel & etc - Manual checks D by Sweeney, Pederson, Hynes - vulnerable to b-checks 7 Mogilny, Klima, Oates, Robitaille, Gartner, Fedorov, Modano, Zhamnov - Manual checks D by Sweeney, Pederson, Hynes, Zhitnik, Lidstrom, Svoboda, Brisebois, Russel, Giles, Thompson, natural resistance to B-checks as well due stick 5+ 7 Larmer, Hogue, G.Courtnall, Roberts & etc - Manual checks D by Sweeney, Pederson, Hynes, Zhitnik, Lidstrom, Svoboda, Brisebois, Russel, Giles, Thompson - vulnerable to b-checks Basically if you don't know how to do B-check effectively you are screwed and it will still be hard vs the stickhandlers. If you're lucky you get one of the 4 weight D-men and you can then play effectively against the 6+ weights, but there are still plenty of threats below that weight. You also know it's gonna be real hard to throw a B-check to any of the lower weight guys on middle coming for a ontimer if you're not in a position to intercept the pass. There are so many offensive threats and so few good defencemen to stop them. It's essentially a skating festival and team matchup plays a great deal of importance as well. I think CB does a great favour to balance the Classic game out. I now understand that in addition of reducing the value of stickhandling this also negates the need to be effective user on B-checks and if you were skilled on that, it might feel as reducing the overall level of skill required. You do lose a clear advantage with that as not many are adept with B. Now it's a weapon of choice - B-check or CB in addition to C and as seen CB is more effective and perhaps even easier to time out in online play than proper B when you figure it out. If you rely only on C in Classic you're severely handicapped, but that is on you, the handicap already existed with B-checkers being able to do more than you and it's not a "cheese". It's a stick check that existed when the game was already played in the 90's.
  20. Ok so A: Brutus, Depch, FPB, Habs, Ice, KingRaph, Lupz, Tex, Zeppelin in between: J&J B: Atomic, Aqua, Cbk, Chef, CoachMac, Darko, Jer, Pearate, Skip, JV 9A / 10B, one in between (kinda easy go for A if these are the participants to balance it out) Plabax always talks high and has the resume also to back the words up from Blitz physics leagues and his ability win them at ease, but I'd hope to see him in as well have things changed as of late. I think players are more knowledgeable and CB has brought some players closer to Blitz now than a year ago or so to give up better challenge.
  21. Interested about this one as well. How does the true Genesis version play out if emulator is faster, is it closer to SegaCD version? I recall that being smooth? How about the SNES side does that emulate equally to the console version?
  22. "Ok, DO NOT TAKE THE POLL UNLESS YOU ARE IN. The poll part is ONLY for the final details of the league." Just summarizing for the sheer abundance of time and interest for the upcoming league. Halifax took the poll, but perhaps he did not read the above, or is just practising for KO from the SNES side. Lupz will propably trade a team that he can compete somehow in A at least but are in a similar compete level with J&J, Tex made the jump in Classic and performed close to .500 in plablegs compared to an inferior team vs Lupz. A: Brutus, Depch, FPB, Ice, Habs, KingRaph, Zeppelin, Tex in between: J&J, Lupz B: Atomic, Aqua, Cbk, Chef, CoachMac, Darko, Halifax, Jer, Pearate, Skip So that is 8 at A and 10 at B plus two I am glad I don't have to make the decision about as of current.
  23. Plabax is correct in that sense. It's not the case against ANY CB team, but against the very good players. There is a skill level to it, as you well know. I think you have to pay attention what your opponents are drafting and be able to react, I've been a poor drafter most of the time but taking lessons all the time. If contender X is using only one draft strategy that allows him to win, it will eventually be countered in drafts making for better team matchups. I see no problem here.
  24. I did not mean it word to word. It was an exaggerration that meant that defensively it becomes really hard to play against them. You cannot use C-check and B-check would work only occasionally, perhaps holding would work better as it's being used nowadays and also the knowledge of high defensive awareness being able to strip pucks off from high stickhandlers too, but 5+ def awa guys are not many. Lack of CB on default eases up offensive game a lot. Easier to skate around, bumping in to other players, more crease cuts, more slap dekes etc. I would feel it would be downgrading to current play defensively, while I understand good skaters love that. The default game has changed and I have embraced the change after first struggling with it. I have made an argument related to the live tournaments that are creating the standard for play if the money is there. They use the original version and I cannot see how it could be stripped off from the online leagues without shooting yourself on the leg considering practising for the live tournaments. I cannot participate, but I have played other competitive games where I am modeling this from and it just makes sense. I'm looking forward to upcoming Brutus league as well with wbfix nocb. CB checkers should have a easy time adapting now, for them the only difference is that light players cannot check there and stickhandling on heavy players is the king where as it's overall level in default is reduced now. And the latter I propably don't like as it's almost the case reversed from my first paragraph, but there are at least players able to counter them from the heavy end of players (not the case vice verse, Roenick, Gretzky etc), you just need to draft the heavy checkers if A+ gets any of the heavy stickhandlers.
  25. Yes, I see Tik & Messier raising their draft stock for example. I traded Tik for Lebeau (Tik was picked ahead of Leb in plablegs, in GDL it's been vice verse) in Plablegs and came to regret it. I think this will become the norm more, Tik is more valuable than Lebeau and will propably be picked in the top 40 from now on, there are some situations that might not be the case though. I have really picked upon Coffey as well in plablegs and he has become a huge favourite of mine, I could see him raise stock as well to the level of Housley or even above due to CB to skilled 7 weighters and below aka better defence than Housley who is probhited from checking 7 & 5 weights with CB or C so high stickhandlers are a problem for him and they exist in those weights. I think as CB brough wbfixed physics available to classic rom the ideal drafting will be somewhere in between how GDL has been drafted the past few seasons and between Blitz drafts. Blitz drafts have had perhaps a bit too heavy emphasis on heavy weights where as in GDL there was heavy emphasis on lightweights by B players over skill due to their checking preferance. Weight is still more important in Blitz, but things will shape out to be closer to that eventually and especially as CB picks up more ground. It is not hard to do, I had problems with the timing at first trying to do it too fast resulting in poor execution. See the burst get started and switch off. Don't press burst and immediately switch off, that was my initial problem and sometimes failing the burst then. After doing it slow at start you can start to hone it to your preferance later and do it faster as well. It's just timing. But everyone will find their own way.
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