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  1. I need all my games that are left, come at me.
  2. I am on PST guys, I'm pretty sick, but I'll try to stay close to the computer.
  3. Alright, time for a comeback. I'm lazy though so Halifax is gunna have to set me up lol.
  4. Hey guys was on during the day this weekend but couldn't find all the guys. Messaged a few but got no response. I want to get my 36 games, since our conference seems to be terrible.
  5. I'm not a big fan of running up the score in league, i will in exhibition though. The crease cuts are definitely not the most annoying thing in the game.
  6. Just make sure you have the most updated version of firmware and you'll be fine. My buddy is playing with flashed firmware, just have to make sure its the right one. The firmware should say if its live compatible. You may get banned, but its a console ban, so you could still use your account at a friends house (if you have a memory card). My friend has been banned once but I know others who haven't been banned.
  7. I got NHL 08 for xbox 360 and was just wondering if any of the fine people who think 94 is the best want to try a completely different experience in NHL 08. I've already setup a league with friends, but if there is interest I'll also setup a league for NHL 94 fanatics (although my friends all love 94 as well). Rules will be: 5 minute periods, penalties on , fighting on, speed medium Am looking for input on number of games to play each team in the league (1/3/5/7/9/11), but that will also depend on interest. Anyways if you have a 360 and get on xbox live gold (if your online its like $6/month). Also recommend league name and we'll have a poll later.
  8. They are different experiences. Each had things the other didn't, and the weight bug and other factors make the games a significantly different experience.
  9. should also mention he has some incoming, so it won't be that long
  10. Has the establish number of teams and format for playoffs been established for each league yet, if not, that should probably happen now. For SNES A, myself and halifax were thinking division leader plus top 2 left from each conference to get the 8 teams (I'm sure this would work for most of the gens leagues). For the smaller SNES B with only the conferences a straight top 4 would work if you wanted 8 of 12. EDIT: Obviously best of 7 single elim series, but I think we wanted to go to 8 teams to prevent the regular season from being largely irrelevant to most people.
  11. You saw how much better I was with Toronto than Buffalo and I love playing as Lafontaine and Mogilny, that honor has been passed to my buddy. I think I got bored of Buffalo when I stopped scoring most of my goals with Lafontaine, hes my hero.
  12. just whore out brad shaw he is by far the best player
  13. The only reason I ever play SJ is to hear that. So much that irbe goes for hits on people close to the net to draw interference penalties lol.
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