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  1. True, but considering lots of people have boston as a favorite to win the cup, we aren't consideirng that an option. Prove me wrong philly.
  2. Game 5: Some quick goals and the score was quickly in Buffalo's favor (3-1) after the first and Lafontaine already had his third hat trick of the series. The game stayed within 2 goals the entire time, but down 5-3 late toronto took a penalty which sealed the deal. A shorthanded goal with 3 seconds left didn't leave much hope. Buffalo takes the series 4-1 I would just like to thank my opponent Mattman for a great series. We each won one game easily and the other 3 were all close (2 in ot). Class act definately hope to be playing you again next year (and hopefully potvin shows up in the playoffs).
  3. I'm in assuming it won't conflict with anything going on here already. It'll give me some good practice against some A guys for next season.
  4. Not really. Quebec has a good record but hasn't been too active lately, pittsburg has a great team but didn't have as good of a record. So statistically speaking you picked the wrong team. Direct team comparison as well pittsburg isn't that much better than quebec who has an amazing first line and finsihed near the top of the league with this team (and eventually won the stanley cup as avalanche in the future).
  5. I agree winning the conference in the season with any team is an accomplishment but with washington is better. Its more ironic than funny really.
  6. Ya normally bringing up old topics is bad, but the point kgman brought up is pretty funny.
  7. The only reason it worked that way was because in the west the bottom 4 seeds won and in the east the top 4 seeds won. In a straight bracket like you posted here it is designed so that if the higher seeded team wins, 1st seed will always play the lowest seed. The NHL does use the rule to pair the highest seed with the lowest seed every round and then continue paring using that rule once those teams are removed. Last year was just a weird occurance.
  8. Another idea it should be changed to most recent season/playoffs completed and then the ones before that. So the case where nobody has any playoff stats will be changed next year at this time. You can use the 2 previous playoffs as a base until the current one is done.
  9. What is the promotion decision process from B to A. Obviously based on the commitment issues in SNES its going to be wierd, but how many people are going to be promoted demoted and what are the criteria???
  10. Playoffs have started with a bang and the 2 seed Buffalo vs 7 seed Toronto in the wales conference Game 1: Buffalo gets a quick goal and end up with a 3-1 in the early second. Toronto made a great comeback to tie it up and send it into ot. But Pat lafontaine (who was supposedly cold) Scored his third of the night to give the victory to the sabres (4-3 OT) Game 2: THis game was very low scoring with lots of saves and posts for both sides and at the end of regulation the score was tied 1-1. The second straight ot game was won by Buffalo again as Hawerchuk caught the goalie commited. Game 3: AS the series shifted to Toronto it seemed as though BUffalo had paid off the refs. Toronto was in the box most of the first 2 periods and BUfaalo scored on at least their first 3 powerplays (alot of non interference calls being made very one sided). This game ended 6-2. Game 4: With the sweep imminent, Toronto pulled all the tricks out of the bag and ended up with a 5-1 victory (one empty netter, figured I'd go all out didn't work). Buffalos offense looked pitiful in this one despite a lot of chances. THe only thing worse was their defense leaving Gimore and Anderson open most of the game. SO after 4 games the series is 3-1 for Buffalo and the sabres will have their second chacne to finish the series at home. I do have some of the game recorded in ZSNES and I am now capturing them with fraps, but the files I'm getting are huge so i have to find some editing software.
  11. Time for me to try to stop the DOUGIE RUSH! I love glimore, but he needs to be put down. This should be a fun series.
  12. Like i said in previous posts, you've already done everything that was reasonable. You saw the flaw in the system and made adjustments. Great Job
  13. rockyrmjc I'm sorry to say that since I'm the person you had a problem with and i only hcnage on injuries and pks you need to read what you've posted. People do not change every play stoppage. They change at the time of the stoppage that forced them to change, and when that thing that forced them to change is no longer applicable. STOP THE WHINING NOBODY CHANGES DURING THE PP AND NOBODY CHANGES ALL THE TIME YET YOU KEEP BRINGING IT UP
  14. playoffs pairings will not be done by standings as they are. SO hold on to your seats until those pairings are up
  15. WHen you get a pp your lines are the same, when you get a penalty you jsut get your left winger, so I lose mogliny, who i prefer on the right side, but i perefer him over bob errey or dale hawerchuk. AS for injuries and pks they replace whoever got taken off by the next guy in line in that positionm which in my case tends to be alot worse than the best option.
  16. I don't change for pp just to replace guys for pk and injuries and then if that injury / pk ends during the stoppage i'll change it back. It is only done during stoppages and at most will add a minute to the game(if its a crazy injury penalty filled game). I guess he thought i changed for pp because he gets a a penalty when he injures somebody.
  17. I play Buffalo, I change my lines to make sure lafontaine and mogilny play when i take a penalty and also when somebody gets injured. I changed them back if things return to status quo. Thats it. I like mogilny on the right more than on the left, but i like mogilny on the left or in the middle more than not at all. I you had a team that went 90+ 90+ 70+ then all 60's and 50's I'm pretty sure you'd milk those two 90's for all their worth. Also I don't see why this has taken over 4 days to come up with we played our games a while ago now. If i sustain no injuries and take no penalties my lines don't change, but I am gunna put people out if the status quo is not whats happening. like I said someone did this to me first and I thought it was a good idea. If i had montreal I wouldn't need to change lines, because the drop in player talent isn't as bad as with buffalo
  18. I'm pretty sure theres nothing about me losing here, regardless of what happens I'll still be 2nd seed in wales. The problem was how you last minute decided to "make yourself available" even though you weren't really that available and picked up 41 pts as a result. Seems a little ridiculous to me. But as I said above it has been addressed. Hopefully the person who gets the pleasure of playing you will have better luck actually playing games. Seems you are alright in the game, but we'll have to see sometime later.
  19. and that is a better answer than i was looking for THANK YOU like i said doesn't really affect me, I'll be second seed in wales because i had most wins and second most gp in my div before ffs. BUt good to be fair across the board Its a hard position to put you guys and and hopefully next season people will actually play the games if they sign up.
  20. My birthday is September 4th. I didn't know the SNES version came out on my bday. Thats why I like it so much. That said I likely didn't see the game until a much later date.
  21. Its really the only way your going to get it. Just make sure you know what your getting and that the site is secure (https). That said, buying online with a cc is safer than buying stuff in person with it.
  22. I don't know about other leagues, but if you looked at the home and away records during the season before all of the ff games were put in most teams had a better away record. Why did I win the divison
  23. I'm just concerned with how the ff wins ff tie and dnp's have been assigned Somebody who has played 14 games should not be given this many ff points just because he made one post. He did not make any active efforts to get games. I played more games in one day than this guy did the entire season and I'm not the only one this is true for. That said if he is around, hes better off than phlly and quebec who haven't been around in a long time. I really think both of the 9th place teams should be let in the playoffs if the are active and other teams or not (regardless of conference). Everybody should be sent a pm regarding playoffs and if no response be friday they are kicked out. Because the way the wales in SNES B looks, there will be too many first round byes.
  24. Just looked at NYR FF wins (15) and ff ties (11) and think that is a bit rediculous In my 5 DAYS in this league he has been online once or twice, and both times too busy to play, I have been online almostt constantly. Now I don't really care for myself because his positioning is irrelevant to me, but as for teams in his division and other conference teams i think this is unfair Teams he got ff wins against: Detroit 4 I have played detroit but he hasn't been on much, I'd think this should be ties at best for NYR Philly 4 This is fine never seen the guy online Quebec 2 Never seen this guy either but they did play 2 games Boston 4 I have seen this guy on quite a bit alot more than NYR. boston deserves the wins here if anybody Vancouver 1 this guy has been on more than NYR but not as much as others, either tie or van win SO by my count he should have 6 ff wins and the remaining 9 games should be ties and in some cases losses Teams he got ff ties against: Buffalo 4 (thats me) He was unavailable the one time i saw him online, i played 17 games in 1 day and could have done it all 5 Calgary 1 Calgary was on almost as much as me he deserves the win Edmonton 1 edm wa just replaceed i gues this is fine Pittsburg 3 I saw alot of buccs ff tie here is unreasonable give the wins to buccs San Jose 1 he was pon a decent amount but tie could be fine St. Louis 1 I did see this guy but not alot ff tie is probably good here SO here from 11 ff ties he should have received 3 and received 8 losses This probably needs to be looked at closely for other teams as well as this process is frustrating lots of people.
  25. My better idea would be end of all the playoffs. While the new leagues are setting up we could do a tourney. Say 6 of top 8 from B divs from both conosles (ties broken by reg season pts) Both finalists from B divs from both consoles Then make some kind off playoffs or tournament bracket with the home team having console choice. Would see who is the best at both consoles
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