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  1. Hey guys I am coming back to 94. I made a Rom a while back( i need to finish 2-3 teams) That features (my opinion) The greatest Teams in NHL History The catch is that Each team in 94 has its "best" Squad So you can be the 84 Winnipeg Jets 91-92 Pens, 85 Oilers,52 Wings,72 Bruins, 61 Sens ect I tried to exemplify the SUPERSTARS more in this mod. SO the teams are comparable even though the 2001 Av's are playing the 52 Canadians Let me know if you want to see it so far!
  2. Dude brilliant post!!! That sums it up for me as well. The Iafrate deal is spot on and hilarious as well UMPH! Biggest thing is each player "felt" different. They each had their own character. Thats what I loved. I knew every players ratings and knew and felt what to do with them. EX Bob Errey was fast as s**t but you would never try to wind up with him. He wasnt even that good at the deke cause his SH was crap..it was either a ram goal or no goal. And lo-and -behold if you could complete a tic tac play with Rick tocchet! He would either rifle a 100mph slapper in or the pass would rattle off his stick. Its those little things where you have to decide DO I PASS IT when you know Rob Ray is lumbering down your right wing cause you know there is a 70% chance his stone hands wont hold onto the pass. No game since has had the individual differentiation 94 had in respect to the players. That and the feeling that I scored the goal. The stop and go move to freeze the d then the manual spinorama around another D finished off with a delayed lazy backhander deke for the goal. You manufacture the play and the stick work. Thats why I love 94!!
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