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  1. nationals1 said:
    you also forgot ian white for the defense core

    now the only really good goal scoring forward the flames got was hagman everyone else is useless

    i think a guy like gigure will help gusstavson for sure

    but im waiting to see what burke does with the defence

    now with phaneuf kaberle komisarik beuchimen schenn finger gunnerson and exelby im looking for burke to trade a defence or two

    and i think its gunna be kaberle... gunnerson white and beuchimen all played more minutes than him last night which leads me to believe their asking kaberle for a list of ten teams


  2. RedWingDevil said:
    I have thought about this lately with past months in leagues and maybe I am thinking too much, but I believe that player presence has gotten slow. Now, I know that we all got a life and we're entitled to it, but sometimes the pace of a league gets hurt when participation between coaches is reduced in the coming months. A promising start turns to a lethargic season and well, the league does get affected in time.

    I'm not saying we should run leagues with an iron fist when it comes to attendance and making games, but at the very least we gotta encourage guys to make their games and run things smoothly. It makes me worried for a few leagues that may go beyond the 40-game schedule won't have much of a future or space if we don't complete them and I don't want that to happen. What are your thoughts on this?

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