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  1. I can play a few games tonight in a little bit, I think we have 3 league games (Calgary)... AIM- hockeyman1983cgy
  2. You can probably crawl on all fours to Chicago and Pittsburgh respectively, play your remaining Classic League games in person and still be back before the GDL is complete...
  3. Bob McKenzie from TSN.ca is reporting that Jrodimus will be eligible to return from IR on 10/2. Please get proper treatment for that thumb tendonitis, it's the kind of injury that can linger the entire season.
  4. I can see it now, cruising cnn.com to get caught up on the world's events... "Chicago Man Loses Job Playing Video Games at Work" Further down in the article... "You don't understand" EricAnthony76 shouted to reporters, "I have to get this done! We are on week 72 of the GDL and the peanut gallery on nhl94.com is making snide remarks about our non-completed season!"
  5. This will be changing, roughly in about 9 months...
  6. The Earth may split entirely in half if these games are actually played.
  7. Another Vancouverite, eh? The list is growing...
  8. Thank you everyone for all the hard work, league site looks great...
  9. Not to nit-pick at all... I was wondering about this as well, are the user profile settings still in-progress? Is it possible to edit the information in this area (specifically forum name, location, time zone, etc.)? The hot link to the league standings underneath doesn't seem to bring up the correct page either, just as an FYI.
  10. I guess when he retires, he really does. The NHL '94 bug is a tough one to break though...
  11. You probably could do some damage with San Jose, like your brother did with Florida. With the level of talent around here, I think some guys can probably have some good seasons with what you would coin "average" or "below-average" hockey clubs.
  12. That's a quick turnaround, great to hear and excellent work fellas! *cough* Calgary please *cough*
  13. There's no problem with you posting here, as Segathon suggested. Or at least I don't have a problem with it. Just found it peculiar that I make one peep of nhl94.com on your site and I am deleted and removed without any explanation. But when you need/want help with your connection issues, you come here looking for the nhl94.com representatives to help you out. Just a human nature observation I suppose, no big deal; no need to duke it out on here.
  14. Interesting that when I mentioned this website on onlinehockeyleague.com a few months ago, I was promptly removed from their database/forums. Now when they are looking for help with their server issues, they have no problem interacting with nhl94.com members.
  15. Flames released theirs today...just some new vertical striping and two new patches on the shoulders (Canadian flag and Province of Alberta logo). http://flames.nhl.com/ It's ok, could've been much, much *cough* Vancouver *cough* worse.
  16. DMAC, you can probably head to most of the team's websites that have released their new look for the upcoming season and take a gander at their new sweaters. I know I've seen some threads in other forums on new jersey releases, I am just too lazy to go dig them up right now. Don't take it personally, haha, even though you are an Orca-lover. Off the top of my head, these other clubs have new sweaters out for this year, in addition to the Vancouver and Washington ones you have already seen: Columbus, Boston, Detroit, Florida, NY Rangers, Los Angeles, NY Islanders, Carolina, Ottawa, Nashville and Tampa Gay. San Jose has a new logo, don't know if their new jersey is out yet?
  17. Leave it to the Cansucks to find another jersey disaster. It's pretty bad when your one franchise is responsible for about three of the most hideous sweaters in National Hockey League history. Those things are disgusting. Do they really need the "Vancouver" watermark on their home sweaters? Would people in British Columbia think these are the Canucks from Vancouver, Washington?
  18. Do new coaches need to have their confirmation game played by the registration end date (August 26, 2007 12AM ET)? Or are they allowed to play it after the registration deadline, as long as they have signed-up? If not, some newbs need to get on board- there are 27 of 70 (around 40%) GENS new coaches that don't look to be confirmed yet and the clock is ticking...
  19. I'm not sure, the grammar seems much better than hokkee's norm. Who knows though, maybe he's using spell-check nowadays?
  20. Glad you got things working, IceStorm70, sorry we couldn't get a game in earlier. Hopefully we can at a later date!
  21. It is Patrick Lebeau, the much lesser of the two, being invited to Philadelphia Flyers training camp. Sorry about the mix-up 'Faxy, HFboards.com had one confusing thread on it last night (claiming a 37 year-old Lebeau to Montreal training camp) but has since corrected the information.
  22. Here is something for you, Stephane Lebeau is a Montreal Canadiens training camp invite this season. The NHL '94er is now 37-years old. How about that?