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  1. Just realized that I have done the same thing, but with different specifics. For the GENS league, I accidentally signed up for the 40-game league instead of the 20-game league. Can Evan or Jacob could fix this please? (will also send e-mail to NHL94admin address)
  2. "I have to yell, that's the way I talk! Haven't you seen my movies? Deep Blue Sea, a shark ate me! A mother #!$@#!& shark ate me!"
  3. Yeah, I can't say I disagree. Life was much simpler it seems when teams like the Expos were around. At least we won't have to worry about that happening to the Canadiens.
  4. 'Faxy, Haha, what a nice vintage memory! When I was younger, that used to be one of my favorite logos to draw. I would doodle it all over notebooks and on papers, but I never really understood what I was drawing. It took me some time until I figured out what was going on in that logo. How are things going in Calgary??
  5. I have seen the arrow in the FedEx logo, although I wondered if it was intentional or not. I'm assuming everyone notices the "M" in this logo: http://www.sportslogos.net/logo.php?lo=1211 And the "M" and the "B" that form the baseball mitt in this one: http://www.sportslogos.net/logo.php?lo=6187
  6. Looks like your connection was A-OK in the game we played.
  7. Hittin' you with some knowledge, Whaler style! Schwartz looks like a playa.
  8. Until recently, I never noticed the "H" in the Whalers logo. I had no trouble identifying the "W" and whale tail, but that "H" slipped by me for years!
  9. I tried this as well with the Flames... Conference Quarterfinals: Won Series against Vancouver, 4-0 Conference Semifinals: Won Series against Chicago, 4-2 (missed out on a match-up with Detroit) Conference Finals: Won Series against St. Louis, 4-1 Stanley Cup Finals: Won Series against Buffalo, 4-2 (missed out on a match-up with Pittsburgh) Greg Paslawski: 43-41-84 Craig Berube: 44-37-81 Ronnie Stern: 55-36-91 Alexander Godynyuk: 16-41-57 Greg Smyth: 5-21-26 Robert Reichel: 48-56-104
  10. How many times have you done something of poor taste in the NHL 94/07 league, then come back expressing great regret/remorse for your actions? It seems like enough times that I've lost count. The script of you doing something wrong (again), saying your're sorry (again) and asking for forgiveness (again) is grossly over-played. Your childish behavior, actions and attitude were major factors in why I personally dropped from that league. Not trying to be extremely cruel here Pizza, only honest. Seems like you have worn out your welcome. If Brown would ever do the league again, hope he would save himself the headache of involving you as an owner or an admin.
  11. I suppose the NHL could really only give you an answer to your question. They are in fact going back to whites at home next year, which is good. I still don't understand why they went to teams wearing dark at home, after years of the home team wearing white. A change really wasn't needed and the NHL, like usual, seemed to make a change just for the sake of change. I never (still don't) got used to seeing the home teams wearing dark and am glad the NHL realized this mistake. They also made a good decision (gasp) on getting rid of all alternate sweaters, so just 2 sweaters per team now. None of that third-jersey garbage for the time being.
  12. Hey Drezz, great work! Just as an FYI, teams will once again return to wearing white at home and dark on the road, for the 2007-2008 NHL Season.
  13. Think the Flyers put him on waivers last season, which is how he ended up with the Oil Drop. He is a Group III UFA currently, so need for Edmonton to have put him on the waiver wire at this point.
  14. Yeah, I'm fairly certain Nedved's last employer was the Oilers, but he is UFA now. Didn't know if AJ had the inside scoop that he was Tampon Gay bound or something. Can't have too many miles left on him but somebody looking for veteran depth might take a chance, as long as his model/actress wife is willing to move to that city.
  15. AJ, do you have insider information on Nedved? I can't find anything on him being with the Dolts. I'm not disputing what you are saying, I am just asking. Believe me, there's nothing more I'd like to see than them spend money and a roster spot on a guy that won't help them at all.
  16. You must have saved Killer's good coke for the playoffs. Hope you rewarded his blow-playoff prowess with hookers.
  17. Not yet, under contract for '07-'08 for a cool 3.3 million US. http://www.nhlpa.com/WebStats/PlayerSearch...sp?OIDTeam=9495