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  1. I'm pretty sure Nedved's still with the Oilers, and that John LeClair is still a free agent. However, I wouldn't be surprised if LeClair retires.

    Yeah, I'm fairly certain Nedved's last employer was the Oilers, but he is UFA now. Didn't know if AJ had the inside scoop that he was Tampon Gay bound or something. Can't have too many miles left on him but somebody looking for veteran depth might take a chance, as long as his model/actress wife is willing to move to that city.

  2. nedved is in tampa, kozlov just resigned with the thrashers and barnes is with dallas.

    AJ, do you have insider information on Nedved? I can't find anything on him being with the Dolts. I'm not disputing what you are saying, I am just asking. Believe me, there's nothing more I'd like to see than them spend money and a roster spot on a guy that won't help them at all.

  3. I must say one of the best series i have ever played angryjay my hats off to you for giving me a gg every match u are a true champion but Douge was just too much to handle GGS bro

    You must have saved Killer's good coke for the playoffs. Hope you rewarded his blow-playoff prowess with hookers.

  4. One of the reasons i left was cause i hate line changes and the other is its a league full of rookies and it was only 1 gm not the end of the world

    Hokkee, I was sad to see you resign. You were such a good replacement last year with Buffalo. I know you don't like the line changes, but they are only 5 minute periods, you can pretty much use your number one line the whole game. Plus, you have Nashville, so it's not like you have team depth issues. I know there are some new guys, but there are some really good established guys and some guys getting better. I don't know why you quit after one game, you were checking the site daily before it started, couldn't you have quit before it began?

    Now we have to scramble to find guys. I wish you stayed, but I'm not going to beg.

  5. If it's ok, I'd like to switch from Vancouver to Nashville, as long as were sticking with the same ROM.

    DMAC, I would think that would be fine- you would officially need approval from BrownMagic, since it's his league. You haven't played any games as the Canucks and Nashville is only 0-1-0, so BrownMagic should let you switch...

    I'm still really dissapointed hokkeefan quit, he only played one game and dropped out. Did I miss something?

  6. Drezz said:
    I'm new... well sort of.

    I've been playing the games since their inception back in the day. When I got a PC in late 98, I started modding the 3d based version of the game, and have been an active member of the modding community since 2001. I helped modders over at Thunderpuck (the Double Minor Donloads section) and then I helped form DMHN with some of the vet members after the site went down. Now I'm part of the crew that runs thebreakaway.net and NHL Depot.

    I've been buddies with mack for a few years now, and seeing his stellar work has inspired me to get back to basics and do some old school modding. With wboy's 30 team hack, its given me optimism that it could be done for other titles and I'd love to get my hands dirty and update NHL96 with a season mode, etc.

    For now, I'm going to attempt a couple of minor mods to show you what I'm capable of - looking forward to showing you all!


  7. Mike's immature antics are way past "getting" old. I said in the '07 league forum that he needs to be a big boy and play the league games he has made a commitment to in a timely fashion. The behavior, annoyance and disrespect to other owners has run its course.

  8. I guess the keystone speaker for carse's graduation didnt get out of the state pententarary in time to make his speech.

    Do you mean keynote speaker? Or is this somehow related to Carse living in Pennsylvania and Pennsylvania being the Keystone State...

  9. not too long you just extended by a week you gotta be f**king kiddin me you need time to practice ......your playing chicago f**k this is exactly what im talkin about its fkin ridiculous u guysa fkin suck get a grip on reality f**k like your going to win get a grip tess f**k....well get ready for a f**king month and a half of playoffs boys f**king stupid of all u guys who try to use my s**t team as an excuse to PRACTICE so u dont go out to soon and playing 1 gm a day so you can hopefully get lucky play it out you fkin guys .....well maybe you should take 2 weeks to practice and that will help you out ...oh the previous 8 weeks wasnt enough plus 2 weeks for 1st series maybe take another 2 weeks to warm up ...oh and maybe have a cup a f**king tea give everyone a fkin break.....f**k off

    Now that's tearing paint strips off the dressing room walls! :D

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