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  1. I love the goal (I think between Calgary and Dallas) where the Dallas player throws it into the corner to another guy and it pulls the Calgary goalie out a little bit. Then the guy with the puck in the corner finds a Dallas forward all alone in the middle of the crease for a tap-in.

  2. the division leaders would get the 1st and 2nd seeds. if youre following standard NHL rules.

    not sure how the bracketing would work though.










    Just re-seed after each round, like the real NHL does.

  3. Hey guys, I finally finished my 2nd nhl94 video!

    Video 2


    It's a little long (6 minutes), but I think the editing is better than on the last one. And of course the video quality is infinitely better this time!

    Great job, SMOZOMA! That is probably the best highlight NHL '94 video that I can remember watching. A fantastic assortment of goals, hits and bounces.

    Bravo! :D

  4. thegr8199 said:
    I think the biggest problem with the 07 league at Leaguedaddy, is the ROM. It is too defensive and slow paced.

    As for macks new ROM, its awesome and flows alot closer to the original one. I think a new 07 league should be started up with this ROM, I think it would take off.


  5. gprice07 said:
    If this happens you can count me in playing as St. Louis. I'm on a wireless connection so I'd like to play some exhibitions with some of you guys first so we can make sure the games run smooth enough. AIM is Terrordome7


  6. Welp, this is done before it even got off the ground. I was not given approval by clockwise.

    Someone can delete this pipe dream of mine now. Thanks.

    No problem, it will be worth the wait for Clockwise to get his site/ROM prepped and ready for action.

    SSig, if you've spoken to Evan about running a league, why don't you run a 2007 Summer NHL '94 Classic League?

  7. I have to check again. If they are, would you want them? :P

    EDIT: Nevermind, I saw you took Calgary :P

    For the record, they aren't. Damn, I was hoping for an even schedule <_<

    Well, San Jose is in '91-'92, but not on the ROM (I don't think?). San Jose isn't in the league '90-'91...

    There are ways around this. The Patrick Division is the only division with 6 teams, so you can eliminate one team from that division and have 4 divisions, each with 5 teams. That means each team would play an even schedule, two games against all others, for a total of 38 games.

    Or, because there are 21 teams, you can take the last Wales Conference team that is not chosen and eliminate them to get a square 20 teams. Then you have two equal conferences of 10 teams and can still do a 38-game schedule. Although, if the last Wales Conference team that isn't picked comes from the Adams Division, you would have one division of 4 and one division of 6. You could still have your 38-game schedule with that divisional setup. Or you could just scrap the divisions altogether and have two conferences of 10 teams.

    I know you mentioned having the top 8 teams make the playoffs in each conferece, but they used divisional playoffs in '91. Tell me what you think, SSiG.

  8. halifax said:
    I just moved to Calgary and I'm a Vancouver fan...although as Jamonica points out...I'll have a chance to see them 4 times....atleast you're not a bertuzzi fan in avalanche country.

    I think they are finishing out that three year schedule for the 07-08 season and then are gonna try and revert back to an older system where everyone plays everyone atleast once a year.


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