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  1. DMAC, if I remember correctly, there was someone else in some other editing threads trying to do the same thing. I can't remember which one it was, but I don't think they had figured out how to do it- I think they had even mentioned that it wasn't even possible? Sorry, don't mean to be a downer, just wanted to try and save you some time...

  2. :wacko:

    Hey was anyone here actually watching the game on NBC and then they unfortuntely found out they dont have Versus?

    Luckily, I have CBC so I didn't have any problems at all. :lol:

    GO OTTAWA!!!

    I haven't talked to anybody that was watching the game and was unable to see overtime on Versus because their cable/dish provider didn't have Versus. Although, I live in the United States AND Florida, so I have about -11 hockey friends. I'm guessing it had to happen to some people, although you had no problems in Canada with CBC. And the Buffalo market kept the NBC feed through the horse race, so they didn't miss anything.

    Can you really blame NBC for switching over to The Preakness? That horse race is a top ten viewed event here in the States and outdraws the NHL on NBC audience by about 6 times. I personally want to watch the hockey, but if I am an NBC executive, I am switching the programming to the race for sure.

    Shame on the NHL for agreeing on a TV contract that lets the NHL have no bargaining power in when they want to air their games. This is how that conversationg goes:

    NBC: Hey Gary, we want to air your Buffalo-Ottawa game at 2:00ET on Saturday. The game better be over at 5:00ET because we have a horse race to air, so hope for no overtime.

    NHL: Well, that's not really what we want...


    All these afternoon playoff games are getting a little outta hand. At least all the Stanley Cup Finals games are all 8:00pm ET starts.

  3. Oh no problem at all, I was just making sure I understood correctly...

    When I was younger and I would do my own leagues with all stats and standings written by hand, I had to simulate all the other league games (CPU vs. CPU) that I wasn't involved in. It was almost fun just watching the game play itself. Now, at least I could have 6 GENS games open at one time! :lol:

    Your idea is awesome and it looks great so far. If you could get the webpages to look aesthetically like the layout/font/background of the corresponding game (i.e. different looks for '93, '94, '98, etc.), that would really make it look official IMO.

    But anyways, you are seriously kicking some butt, brilliant work! :)

  4. Maybe next year I'll have some Beta testers. Any volunteers?

    I was gonna ask you if I could test it out this year, but I never thought you would let me. Sign me up for the next edition! :blink:

    I have only played a few games with it so far. I will get some more time with it fairly soon to see if I find anything else needing correcting...

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