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  1. He's probably at the Lightning game.
  2. I am not running that 2007 Gens ROM league, I believe that it is dalstarsfan's creation. I was just trying to figure out what teams were taken and what teams were available. I think that BSDaemon is a SNES player, however...
  3. Maybe we should wait a little bit longer to see if there will be any more people interested in joining- now knowing that the Spring 2007 94 Classis League won't be happening. A little more time might let a few more teams get taken once players find out the big league is outta service?
  4. Oh my gosh, everthing is falling apart!!!
  5. Well now that I know that information....Calgary still available???
  6. Not the best news to cap-off an already somber night that saw my Flames thoroughly embarrassed in Detroit A total bummer to hear this news but it is not conceivable to ask you guys to do all this NHL94.com work when you have your own lives and obligations. Thank you guys for all of your hard work and effort and looking forward to the Fall 2007 Classic 94 Season! From what I have seen of the new website, you have been working really hard and the time spent waiting will absolutely pay off in the long-term. Thanks again guys for all of the time and effort, it really is appreciated!
  7. You guys better motor on this if the Spring League is looking to begin in a few weeks...
  8. Atleast the real Devils will be taking care of the Tampon Gay Dolts in about 4 games, so THAT is something you can be happy about!
  9. Hiya PRUCHA25, I am always looking for exhibition games...IM me on AIM at hockeyman1983cgy
  10. DMAC, I am suprised at you- I think you are cheating on your beloved Canucks! What would Mr. Vigneault say...