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  1. Mack, is the NHL95 update/download not available or is it just my computer? GREAT JOB, as always, your time and effort is MUCH appreciated, believe me!!
  2. You can probably get a serviceable, decent, generic PC controller for somewhere around $10 from any local retailer that has a dedicated electronics department (Wal-Mart, Target, etc.)... Welcome to the community, Wags!
  3. The toothless wonder that is Theoren Fleury can do no wrong in NHL94, just keep him away from the virtual bars and crack houses, ha ha. Anyways, I digress, substance abuse is really no joking matter- good luck, Logan!
  4. *twidling fingers and in a Mr. Monty Burns accent: Excellent. Excellent...
  5. Logan, Can you please start winning some games or am I gonna have to pull a Lou Lamoriello? Go get 'em Calgary!
  6. Hey hey, this wasn't a glorify Canucks point that I made, it was a point that the Oilers are suffering like a newbie NHL94 gamer playing as Ottawa against KGMan playing the best game of his life with Chicago. The Oilers are suffering, BADLY.
  7. Glad to know there is something to do there that's fun, because the hockey club absolutely SUCKS. Poor Oilers, boo hoo. Go Flames Go
  8. Hey there, I will be more than happy to play some exhibition games with you. I am a GENS player... AIM- hockeyman1983cgy Welcome aboard!
  9. With a few geographical tweaks, how about... Atlantic- NYI, NYR, Pit, Wsh, Fla, NJ Northeast- Hfd, Buf, Mon, Bos, Ott, Que Central- Chi, Det, Dal, Tor, StL, TB (the Lightning originally began as a member of the Norris AKA Central Division) Pacific- Cal, Edm, Ana, LA, Van, SJ
  10. Welcome...I am always up for a game, usually looking for people to play against. I am a GENS player, too...welcome, Jeremiah! AIM: hockeyman1983cgy
  11. Uh oh...I better hide my NHL94 stimulants...is the NHL94PA reading my forum messages too???
  12. Hey man, welcome to the community! I'de be happy to oblige your request for a game, I am usually looking for exhibitions myself. My AIM is hockeyman1983cgy...get ready for a healthy dose of the Calgary Flames! Again, welcome!
  13. There's going to be even more whining coming out of Edmonton tomorrow morning on the heels of the Flames waxing them tonight at Rexall Place. Poor, poor Oilers- NOT. GO FLAMES GO!
  14. Pleeeeeease be soon, I am almost ready to spontaneously combust!
  15. Maybe you don't, but some of us others do! GO FLAMES GO!!!
  16. Yeah, I am starting to tune-up as well for the 94 GENS Spring 2007 League...anyone who would like to play a few exhibition games, my AIM screen name is: hockeyman1983cgy
  17. Can we request an increase on our per diem money- I mean, how are we supposed to survive and feed our families when we are playing 12 games in two nights and not receiving proper compensation?
  18. That's an interesting proposition...I would certainly be interested in all the players putting in a few bucks at the start of the season and the Stanley Cup winner gets the whole pot in the end...anyone else also very interested with this idea?
  19. Yeah, it kinda sucks that the CPU doesn't generate much of an offensive attack, or generate much of an opposition at all- that would be pretty much the only drawback I've seen (although it is a fairly large one). The CPU in the Gens version wasn't much of an opponent either, so in that respect, I think they're the same. If NHL95 PC had today's AI or maybe an easy-medium-hard setting, that would be pretty cool. I mean, I've played only a handful of games on my season and I have players with 20-30 points and they're +15, +20, yada yada. I'm still not gonna dis it, it's a great game!