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  1. Well guess who's in 1st place in the Northwest Division and 3rd in the Western Conference?

    GO CANUCKS GO!!!!! B)

    Hey hey, this wasn't a glorify Canucks point that I made, it was a point that the Oilers are suffering like a newbie NHL94 gamer playing as Ottawa against KGMan playing the best game of his life with Chicago.

    The Oilers are suffering, BADLY.


  2. Hey,

    I'm new to the site and am looking to play some games before the season starts up, please feel free to challenge me, it should be some easy practice for you, but I'm looking to improve. Hit me up at AIM: jfcaveman when I'm on, I'm looking for a game ;)


    EDIT: oh and btw, i kinda play both systems so don't hesitate to take me on. . .

    Hey there, I will be more than happy to play some exhibition games with you. I am a GENS player...

    AIM- hockeyman1983cgy

    Welcome aboard! B)

  3. With a few geographical tweaks, how about...

    Atlantic- NYI, NYR, Pit, Wsh, Fla, NJ

    Northeast- Hfd, Buf, Mon, Bos, Ott, Que

    Central- Chi, Det, Dal, Tor, StL, TB (the Lightning originally began as a member of the Norris AKA Central Division)

    Pacific- Cal, Edm, Ana, LA, Van, SJ

  4. Hi All,

    Wow, I'mso excited to play with other people who are obsessed with this game too. My buddy from college (and neighbor in brooklyn) and I play this on his shitty old genesis constantly (3 game series for every visit, sometime more).

    My AIM is bcappnyc - hit me up if you're looking for a game.

    I'm a Philly fan in real life, but I always play with Boston. Oates to Neely - he scores!



    Hey man, welcome to the community! I'de be happy to oblige your request for a game, I am usually looking for exhibitions myself. My AIM is hockeyman1983cgy...get ready for a healthy dose of the Calgary Flames!

    Again, welcome! :(

  5. I'm actually really enjoying the moaning and whining coming out of Edmonton right now. Much of the Oiler's success has come on the backs of the Canucks and that is never forgotten.

    There's going to be even more whining coming out of Edmonton tomorrow morning on the heels of the Flames waxing them tonight at Rexall Place. Poor, poor Oilers- NOT.


  6. well as a first demand i think we should be compensated for road trips (playing 12 games in two nights) organizing all those games really take away from our sex lives so i think evan should setup an online dating service for nhlpa members!! ................................PS we need to have someone create a new profile with a trevor linden icon skating around

    Can we request an increase on our per diem money- I mean, how are we supposed to survive and feed our families when we are playing 12 games in two nights and not receiving proper compensation?

  7. i think it would be fun to have a buy-in, 5 or 10 or 20 $ , all through paypal or something to 1 treasurer, and the winner takes 80% of it, and the runner up 20% . the pay-out structure can be argued.

    that way, if someone drops out, no worries, we have their money and people will still be interested in claiming the top spot !

    That's an interesting proposition...I would certainly be interested in all the players putting in a few bucks at the start of the season and the Stanley Cup winner gets the whole pot in the end...anyone else also very interested with this idea?

  8. ok, I finally got it going on my PC and dont think its everything that some of you guys say.

    big plus is the season mode of course, but the cpu just suck on creating offense. the game plays way too slow, as I dont feel any speed at all and the only way to score seems to be the onetimer. the only other great thing are the small graphic add ons.

    I still say NHL 94 for Gens kills it as it has the most diverse ways to score out of any other hockey game made.

    Yeah, it kinda sucks that the CPU doesn't generate much of an offensive attack, or generate much of an opposition at all- that would be pretty much the only drawback I've seen (although it is a fairly large one). The CPU in the Gens version wasn't much of an opponent either, so in that respect, I think they're the same. If NHL95 PC had today's AI or maybe an easy-medium-hard setting, that would be pretty cool. I mean, I've played only a handful of games on my season and I have players with 20-30 points and they're +15, +20, yada yada.

    I'm still not gonna dis it, it's a great game! B)

  9. Hullie said:
    Alright, i was playing with limited enthusiasm. I had no sound and it was choppy as hell, but i did see the potential. Now, after following the crazy smart advice and pictoral representations by wboy and the f12 trick from clockwise, this game is the s**t. The ref goes to the scorers table to get a new puck for christ's sake. The players spit and drink from gatorade bottles (they are orange and green bottles!). And the logos on the jerseys. Incredible game. Truly, this is the direction they should have gone in 95 with the consoles. Thank everyone for their hard work in getting this game in the hands of all of us. And Mariomania deserves a lot of credit for bringing it to our attention. We acted like buzzards circling over a corpse when he brought it up, devouring the game as if it was our missing big toe.


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