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  1. With the last selection in Genesis NHL94 Draft League Round 8, the Calgary Flames select defenseman Yves Racine.

    (They also select forward Paul Ranheim with the first pick in Draft Round 9...)

  2. ahhh you bunch of f**kin babies play the game the way its supposed to be played and the players work with you if you move the puck up ...im really tired of everyone being scared of a rule change ...MAN UP ....it makes the game more challenging and if the line changes rule sticks and you cant handle it im sure someone would love to replace you!

    Let's play with offsides ON...

  3. We should be playing with offsides on- it certainly adds to the strategy of the game and the feel of "real hockey," which doesn't need home-run passes and cherry-pickers playing all day long. Sure, run-and-gun is fun, but playing with offsides on might keep a lot of players from getting "cheapies" and actually increase the closeness of games.

    I'm all for playing games with offsides ON. :)

  4. Also, to save time before a new thread has to be created by Dmitry for Round 3...

    The Calgary Flames would like to thank their fans from around the globe watching the draft on TSN, OLN and ESPN. With the first selection in the third round of the NHL94 Genesis Draft League, the Calgary Flames select defenseman Zarley Zalapski.

  5. angryjay93 said:
    i like the idea of a draft. just develop a draft order that is totally random or it can be slightly weighted so that the better players have a slightly lower chance of getting good picks. If anyone knows what the NBA lottery is, thats what im thinking, but with less of a weighting system.


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