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  1. kinglakerfan said:
    My opinion on the issue involves lengthening the season. Because the games are so short, the season almost ends before things get really intense. I believe that the more games we play under the league schedule, the more alluring and magnetic the league becomes.

    Having said that, I would like to lengthen the season by 16 games to 56 total. This would allow for two options:

    1) 4 games against teams from your conference and 2 against the other conference OR

    2) 3 games against all teams -- which actually adds up to 57 games but accomodates for those who want fairness in schedule.

    I absolutely believe if the season was lengthened everyone would end up enjoying it more, because lets face it, there are a TON of new people coming to this site (including myself) who are jacked up to play some NHL94 and would love a lengthened season. I can just envision there being 4 GENS leagues that all proceed through the playoffs and eventually we could have a champions cup tourney....ok I'm getting ahead of myself, but damn, this is so cool. We just need to lengthen the season!


  2. gesundheit39 said:
    Critics of Scotty Bowman's Mexico "training" session are back on it now that the Wings have lost a pair to the rival Maple Leafs. "Those were a couple of tough losses to a good team, but we played well," remarked Bowman. "I'd say that our vacation, I mean training session, had no affect on our play."

    Despite the two losses, goaltender Tim Cheveldae has manned the pipes quite capably since his return to the states. "The thing is," said Cheveldae, "after you've spent a few weeks drunk off your ass, when you finally stop drinking, everything seems so much clearer. I should have done that for my preseason workout years ago!"

    Lidstrom maintained his hot play with the lone goal in the first game, but a Borschevsky ram the goalie and let the puck slide into the net goal with under two minutes remaining sealed the first Leaf win. "I don't think Borscht did that on purpose, but it was a cheap goal nonetheless," stated 18th line center Jim Hiller. "He does that again, and we're gonna give him some Mexican water with his pregame meal," said Shawn Burr half-jokingly.

    Glenn Anderson had the Leafs up a mere 1-0 going into the third period of the second game, despite the Wings giving Toronto numerous power play and breakaway opportunities. "From the bench, it looked like we were doing a reproduction of the biblical story of the parting of the sea," Burr chimed. "But despite the heartache of two losses, I'm a big fan of Toronto's decision to use a sound byte of Hugo Weaving's quote of 'Hello Mr. Anderson' from the Matrix everytime Glenndog scores. That's classy as hell."

    Dino Ciccarelli plastered a slapshot past Felix the Cat to tie the game up early in the third. "Ciccy has a wicked shot," remarked Brad McCrimmon. "Oh and don't tell him I called him that."

    Yzerman then found Ciccarelli for a wide-angle one-timer to give the Red Wings their first lead.

    "We're looking great, like we're going to split with Toronto, and then with 13 seconds left, I think Jamie Macoun shouted 'Action'. And our defense thought it was time to do a final take of Moses parting the red sea. That's the only explanation for the lumbering (Dave Ellett) Elephant skating in unimpeded with five fricking seconds left, right?" commented Burr.

    In overtime, a quick goal with traffic in front of the Detroit net sent the Wings to their 8th straight loss to a divisional foe. "On the bright side, if going to Mexico is reward for winning, Scotty can't punish us any worse for losing than by making us stay home in Detroit," chortled Burr.


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