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  1. angryjay93 said:
    I suppose we could start now, but there would be zero fluff to go with it and by that i man we cant follow along on the draft site and i cant update a rom or anything, it would all solely be on the forums for atleast a few days before i got all the kinks worked out with d.


  2. CamKneely said:
    The Penguins didn't really give up much...Christensen needs to be a first or second line center to have a chance to be anything and he never would've here with Sid and Malkin. Armstrong is horrifyingly inconsistent. Esposito has bust written all over him. The pick might end up hurting, but it will be pretty low.


  3. kupuck19 said:
    Jamonica, you should be happy with his performance so far.

    I've been waiting to see how things played out, and Selanne is picking back up right where he left off. He had a 5 point night against Chicago, scoring a hat-trick and picking up two assists. Also, he has scored important goals against St. Louis and in the last two meeting with the Avalanche which were all one goal games. Teemu is definitely contributing to the Ducks in a positive way right now and the season is approaching the end and every two points on the line every night is becoming very important. Yeah, it's too bad he sat around most of the season trying to figure things out, but better late than never.



  4. hokkeefan said:
    now its not till MARCH!!!!! cmon you wack off bullshit artist....I dont believe at all that hes on vacation! hes just delaying s**t on purpose cause you know he thinks hes god here! whats next ...not available till middle of march! whats the deadline here?or does everyone have to wait till kg is ready to play.


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