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  1. I would also like to keep the same club from last year...I have zero interest in playing as any another team (as whiny as that sounds).
  2. I hope he can tear it up statistically, I picked him up for my fantasy pool!
  3. I think the deadline DaDonch set is for the first-round to be finished by/on February 4th (tomorrow)... http://nhl94.com/forum/index.php?showtopic=5009
  4. In response to the thread's original question...I guess we need to see who is interested in GDL leadership role(s) in the first place?
  5. It does seem odd that almost all Classic League coaches can finish their schedules, while we struggle for completed schedules in the GDL- especially when a majority of the coaches play in both leagues; even moreso when the GDL levies stiff draft position penalties for DNP's.
  6. Are most of the coaches in favor of having one Commissioner to oversee everything or a suggested tribunal, where one person is in charge of the draft, one in charge of the ROM, one in charge of all other league administration (deadlines, disputes, etc.)...?
  7. (2) Calgary vs. (8) Tampa Bay (5) Vancouver vs. winner of (3) Winnipeg - (6) Dallas Assuming that we will re-seed after each round, like the real NHL does, these would be the next round's match-ups. DaDonch can clarify if we are not re-seeding after each playoff round?
  8. I think you're playing Quebec- not New Jersey?
  9. Dunzo. Will get on in a bit, hope you're feelin' betta!