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  1. angryjay93 said:
    I think a 1 man show is the most efficient way to do things, in GDL 2 we tried to do a committee and it quickly fell through once we discovered it was a cumbersome and slow process. Things seem to run better with one dude at the helm and the rest of the league being allowed to speak their voice when neccessary. While I'm not the most qualified person in terms of creating roms and such. i have although, been around a while and in a ton of different leagues, im around a lot, most people are cool with me, and i think i have some good ideas for the upcoming league.


  2. hokkeefan said:
    I think im going to get a punching bag to put beside computer :lol: or just fricken retire .I am such a f**kin freakout artist!!! seriously though I really should quit playing nhl94 ,but the only way I think I can is to shutdown internet or smash computer....pathetic..and I think im getting worse !!!


  3. I think it's horrible that he came back. He had the best season ever of anybody's last season and he won the Cup to boot. I think it's despicable that he waited until the Ducks looked like they would have a good chance at doing a repeat. He should have left good enough alone. The only person to do a good comeback was Lemieux...and even that may be questionable...

    I hope he can tear it up statistically, I picked him up for my fantasy pool! :lol:

  4. It is widely known that the classic league is the most smoothly ran dispite having less dedicated coaches than GDL. Bringing in one of the commishs from that league could hopefully solve this leagues problem of lazy people and not respecting deadlines.

    It does seem odd that almost all Classic League coaches can finish their schedules, while we struggle for completed schedules in the GDL- especially when a majority of the coaches play in both leagues; even moreso when the GDL levies stiff draft position penalties for DNP's.

  5. wow another exciting 7 game series. Looks like you guys battled till the end. Nice season BHF. Good luck in rd 2 Jamon. Your series with Dmac should be a coast to coast affair, literally and figuratively.

    (2) Calgary vs. (8) Tampa Bay

    (5) Vancouver vs. winner of (3) Winnipeg - (6) Dallas

    Assuming that we will re-seed after each round, like the real NHL does, these would be the next round's match-ups. DaDonch can clarify if we are not re-seeding after each playoff round?

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