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  1. The "over-rated" Penguins team you speak of, Crosby-less, pretty much took it to the Habs in their own barn on Saturday night...
  2. They should just let the two best teams in the Western Conference battle for the Stanley Cup.
  3. You are certainly welcome...In principle yes, although officially he is not yet. Although I'm told that pending a physical he should officially join the club around Thursday.
  4. Jamonica (Chicago) vs. hokkeefan2 (Detroit); home team in CAPS Game 1- CHICAGO 2, Detroit 1 Game 2- CHICAGO 4, Detroit 2 Game 3- DETROIT 3, Chicago 2 (OT) Game 4- Chicago 3, DETROIT 2 Game 5- CHICAGO 5, Detroit 4 Jamonica (Chicago) wins series, 4-1.
  5. I played 5 on 5, two (jesusplaysnhl94, habs) against me, using the NHL '91 ROM I think...I thought it was lots of fun, probably depends on personal preference though, doubt that it's for everyone...
  6. You're not taking my spot per se...you would be filling the vacancy I created when I decided I didn't want to play in the 94/08 league.