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  1. angryjay93 said:
    And i agree with you on Tanguays salary, Toronto already has 43 million devoted to next season, plus they would have tanguay until 09 and they have to give pay raises to steen, stajan, and wellwood, even if Sundin took a hometown discount, they would be too close to the cap to do anything else or have any flexibility in 08-09. So that really limits Calgary's options in acquiring Sundin.


  2. Logan said:
    As much of a rabid leafs fan that I am, I want Sundin to win the cup, so I mostly want to see him go to a team where he could win the cup before he gets too old. Detroit sounds good to me, maybe even the sharks. Come to think of it, Thorton and Sundin sounds pretty devastating. With Cheechoo on that line as well, it sounds like it would be a line to rival that of Spezza, Heatley and Alfredson.


  3. The Russian Rocket said:
    You know whats funny Jamonica? the game after u replied me the habs won 8-2 kovalev 1 goal kostitsyn 2 goals markov and komisarek +4 and no the canucks dont have a chance... dont get me wrong they are a good team but the offense is based on only 1 line it will probably be like the last year (most boring serie ever Vs the Stars(dont get me wrong it was tight but 3-4 ot's a bit)) and i think that the habs could afford Sundin because of the mcdonaugh chipchura latendresse and all those young players but i doubt they will trade Sundin to their arch ennemy and i doubt sundin would get accepted....


  4. First thing.... f**k the penguins they are overated there are only 4th in eastern

    The Montreal Canadians


    1st line

    A.Kostitsyn-Plekanec-Kovalev Good 1st line scoring at each game

    2nd line

    Ryder-Koivu-Higgins 2nd line that supports the attack and can give the victory

    3rd line

    S.Kostitsyn-Lapierre-Latendresse Young and talented 3rd line with a good combination of playmaker,Grinder and power forward

    4th line

    Kostopoulos/Bégin-Smolinski-Dandenault some good Grinders that can score


    Komisarek-Markov great duo Komisarek checks hard and markov support the offensive

    Hamrlik-Streit very good veteran in hamrlik and a versatile defenseman in streit

    Gorges-O'byrne young guys with talent

    Huet 93% save what do i need to say more?

    The "over-rated" Penguins team you speak of, Crosby-less, pretty much took it to the Habs in their own barn on Saturday night...

  5. egg said:
    Just to say something quick on this subject...and I think I am re-iterating something that was said on Hockey night in Canada (but I don't remember)

    The NHL is one of the few multi-billion (yes BILLION) dollar businesses that does not have a Research and Development Department. That means there is no one one going around and seeing what the fans want. Let me tell you something and I think most of you guys feel the same way: I AM SICK OF SEEING MY FAVORITE TEAM PLAY THE SAME 5 TEAMS FOR MOST OF THE SEASON (seriously Rangers vs Philly AGAIN?). I got the hockey package just to see the western conference teams play and I swear if I see the Oilers play the Avalanche again I think I am gonna just turn off hockey for a while. How can a six or eight game series (cuz that what it feels like) be a good gauge for the playoffs when most likely the team will not play someone in their divison? The sad thing is that it feels like the teams don't even play outside of their division much. In my humble opinion there should be MORE inter-conference and inter-divisional playing and less playing within your tiny little division. I was watching a Vancouver game playing against some Eastern Conference team (I can't remember the team they were playing against I want to say it was Buffalo or something) and they hasn't played that team in 4 years. That's right 4 years. The best Ranger game I went to was versus Colorado and that was three years ago.

    Now I am lucky since I live in the NY Metro area I have my pick of three teams to go see, but then again most of time it is versus the same team. Do I want to see the Isles play the Devils at Prudential or the Coliseum? And which of the 20 games should I go see? Tough choice.

    The sad thing is most areas only have one team and how horrible is that? Night after night you watch the same game over and over again it's like an even more twisted version of Groundhog Day!


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