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  1. Which university do you attend again?
  2. Will a new load of games be coming out on 12/5 then? Or around there?
  3. Did you change your screen name or something? I haven't seen you online once today and I've been on a lot looking for you. I know that you played a few games earlier today...
  4. Would the proposed transaction window only allow trades of current players, or would it also allow swapping for the next season's draft picks? For example, you have a team that knows it won't be qualifying for the playoffs. Can this team sell off its assets to playoff-bound teams for draft picks in the next season's draft? Or is that going way outside of the box for what we're doing here? Anyways, I have no problem with a mid-season window, as long as it's not a huge holdup in getting guys to a certain number of games for the window to be activated. A concern would also be teams out of it just trading their good players to whomever they want, or unbalanced trades that would need to be reviewed by the league/commissioner...
  5. Would it be possible to add conference standings in addition to the divisional standings page?
  6. hey can u do me 1 of crosby in pitt home #87 thnx
  7. Over for Washington-Tampa Bay (over/under 6)...
  8. Funny that you use that exact verbage, with Fernandez barely playing thus far because of a wonky groin. Heh.
  9. Their soccer team is playing for the MLS Cup Championship this weekend, too...