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  1. I think they have that at www.hfboards.com. Although I'm not a member there, so I can't be positive. I think you get virtual chips (V-Chips) to bet on games there in an NHL game-betting subforum...
  2. I was just kidding, sarcasm is a tough thing to get across on the Internet.
  3. Maybe he is one of Andy Reid's sons, going through one of his binges. He does live in Philadelphia, right?
  4. Don't see any neutral-site games during the regular season these days, just in the preseason. Seemed like there were a lot of neutral site games on the schedule during the regular season back in the 90's... (In a geezer voice) Ah, the good old days...
  5. This is a good thread, just cities for National Hockey League games I presume... Calgary (5 games), Pittsburgh (1 game against Flames), Tampa Gay, Miami/Ft. Lauderdale/Sunrise, Detroit (1 game against Flames), saw an NHL exhibition in Orlando once during the mid-1990's if that technically counts...
  6. Has your stance on Fleury changed at all since you've acquired Brett Hull?
  7. Perhaps it's really a blessing in disguise for a guy who can now intently focus his efforts involving the NHLPA.
  8. Cool division/conference names. Hopefully the league can stick with this format for a bit and build some history/tradition. (DaDonch- is there any way you can make the standings page on the GDL site a little more, um, "professional?" Maybe have it look like your '94 Record Keeper or Evan's Classic League, in terms of graphics, organization, etc. I know you are doing other league administration duties, just mentioning for the future.)
  9. 56 or 68 seems like a good choice in my opinion. I personally have no problem with playing more, but don't know how the rest of the league feels about that. There could be plenty of guys that can't play upwards of 80 games and frankly don't want to? Considering that teams will be fighting for playoff spots within their own conferences, I do think we should be playing more games against division and conference opponents. Not that a lot probably disagree with this, but just saying.
  10. I guess I should've read this thread first, Nazis.
  11. Calgary Flames LINE 1 LW- Ridley #17 C- Lindros #88 RW- Ysebaert #21 LD- Housley #6 RD- Stevens #4 G- Fuhr #31 LINE 2 LW- Adams #8 C- Francis #10 RW- Falloon #17 (please change to #19) LD- Norton #8 (please change to #7) RD- McSorley #33 G- Wakaluk #35 Thank you, DaDonch.
  12. Was going to post in the "Complete Trades" thread, but that thread is closed... Maybe on the GDL webpage there could be a section on transactions, where all processed trades can go into an archive, where it would look something like: 11/06/2007 Team A trades (insert player) to Team B in exchange for (insert player) Would be neat to have an archive of all the league's transactions, something cool to look back on when GDL's of the future are in progess...
  13. Pat Falloon finishes drafting for the Calgary Flames.
  14. Just keep him a safe distance away from the hookers and blow. On a separate note, will entertain offers for Phil Housley, if anyone is interested...a forward of similar rating would be requested. Doesn't have to be a one-for-one, could just be a starting point...