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  1. Is there any way that you would move Theoren Fleury?
  2. The Calgary Flames select defenseman Marty McSorley.
  3. The Calgary Flames select forward, Mike Ridley.
  4. The Calgary Flames select winger Paul Ysebaert.
  5. The Calgary Flames select centreman Ron Francis. (This will count if HABS doesn't pick by 5 PM.)
  6. Great work gents, hopefully this e-mail with make his mailbag...maybe spurn some new players to the community. That, or give the game some more exposure, leading to its ultimate domination of the free world.
  7. The Calgary Flames select centreman Eric Lindros.
  8. The Calgary Flames select defenceman Scott Stevens.
  9. I was just surfing the internet for anything NHL '94 related and stumbled upon this website. At first, I just thought it was a tribute-type page sorta thing, then realized they had a running league and forum. I was quite elated.
  10. Thank you Smozoma, I really appreciate your help. I went ahead and got GENS 2.11, however, I am having some difficulty with the gens_netplaysave.zip file at the bottom. I have saved the file to my computer, but when I try to extract the files, Windows says the zip file is empty...
  11. The Calgary Flames, with the second selection in Round 2, are proud to select defenseman Phil Housley.
  12. The Calgary Flames would like to say hello to their fans watching the draft live, at their draft party at the Pengrowth Saddledome. We would also like to thank the Genesis Draft League and the gracious city of (fill in the blank) for all of their wonderful hospitality for this event. With the twenty-third selection in the first round of the draft, the Calgary Flames are proud to select goaltender, Grant Fuhr.
  13. Concurred, way to use the 'ole noodle, Smoz!
  14. The Mark Lesser and Ron Barr conferences, respectively, are a cool way to go still IMO. A reasonable, historically-significant homage to 2 names that are synonomous with NHL '94. I'm not sure about division names...maybe someone can think of some possible names that would be cool to use/have on a consistent basis. Kinda create some consistency in what they would be from year-to-year, instead of always changing. Too bad we don't have a few more historical figures around the community, a la having the Patrick, Adams, Norris, Smythe...
  15. LOL, I would've never believed they sold a winter jacket with that logo on the back, too cool! The lighthouse on the shoulder was a pretty sharp design too, I thought...
  16. I think we also have to remember how last year was last year, in terms of rosters. You will have a different draft order for this upcoming season, which might (or might not) mean that last year's "stronger" teams won't have the same personnel this season. The balance of power within rosters could shift and change...
  17. Well that's good, maybe one good thing came out of my posting. In no way, shape or form did I mean to undermine your efforts, DaDonch, so I really hope you aren't ticked at me for throwing that out there. If anything, maybe it saves you some time to do other league housework things or, maybe gives you a framework from which to work. I'm sure everyone has their own ideas and preferences about who should be where and what's fair, etc. Just like almost everything in life, nobody is really ever going to be fully satisfied. But maybe with attempting to balance out the divisions (2 top, 2 mid, 2 lower) while having some semblance of this looking like a bona fide league (with real rivalries, geography), it can be a foundation from which to work? We can sit here and deliberate all day about who should be in what division and what seems fair- the common goal here is an equal playing field within the parameters of having a draft. So, just like in any real league, no matter the divisional alignment, it all boils down to playing the games. Winning games and getting points wins divisions and championships, not which division someone is in. Anyhow, at least I felt that the model above seemed fairly reasonable and a good place to start from? Ok, now everyone can rip it up (this means you Carse)!
  18. Darn, that came out horrible without margins... RON BARR CONFERENCE WESTERN DIVISION Anaheim (DaDonch) Calgary (Jamonica) Colorado (TakeYourPill666) Edmonton (Awesomerino) Vancouver (Dmac) Winnipeg (KGMan) CENTRAL DIVISION Chicago (Backhandfloater) Dallas (Smozoma) Detroit (EricAnthony) Los Angeles (KingsCupRun93) San Jose (Ediesaurusrex) St. Louis (Carse) MARC LESSER CONFERENCE NORTHERN DIVISION Boston (Hokkeefan2) Buffalo (AngryJay93) Minnesota (Scribe99) Montreal (HABS) Pittsburgh (Matt Hurray) Toronto* (IceStorm70) EASTERN DIVISION New Jersey* (SSiG) New York Rangers (Vocally Caged) Ottawa (Skoolyardpuck) Philadelphia (NewJerseyKillers) Quebec (TessLog) Tampa Bay (Gr8199Kings) * = flip-flop? (Each division has 2 top-8 teams, 2 mid-8 teams and 2 lower-8 teams)
  19. OK, try and follow me here because you knew I couldn't stop myself from doing this... RON BARR CONFERENCE (12) MARC LESSER CONFERENCE (12) WEST (6) CENTRAL (6) NORTH (6) EAST (6) Detroit (EA) Winnipeg (KG) Montreal (HABS) New York (VOC) St. Louis (CRSE) Colorado (TP666) Buffalo (AJ93) Tampa Bay (GR8199) TOP 8 FROM LAST YEAR ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- L.A. (KGCPRN93) Vancouver (DMC) Minnesota (SRC99) Ottawa (SKLYRD) Chicago (BHF) Anaheim (DDNCH44) Boston (HKEFN) Quebec (TSSLOG) MID 8 FROM LAST YEAR ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Dallas (SMOZM) Calgary (JAM) Pittsburgh (MTHRRY) Philadelphia (NJKLLR) San Jose (EDSRX) Edmonton (AWSMRNO) Toronto (ICSTRM70) New Jersey (SSIG) BOT 8 FROM LAST YEAR AND NEW
  20. Hah, I think I was the only person EVER to like that logo!
  21. DaDonch, I'm sure with your infinite wisdom you are already very well aware of this site: http://www.sportslogos.net/league.php?l=1 But if you aren't it's a good place for clean, sharp logos of all past-current NHL clubs...also good for updating the GDL website with the logos too. (Ok, I'm done)
  22. Very cool DaDonch, hopefully this doesn't turn into a huge slop-fest of colors from people picking team logos with different uniform sets of vice versa. Maybe we should try and stay consistent in using the matching logo/uniform set from whichever one everyone selects before it starts looking really bush league... If you could do the current Flames logo and uniforms for me, it would be much obliged.
  23. Another solid guy to the list, eh?
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