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  1. And I was really close in wanting to say yes- I think these are two guys that would add credibility to the GDL based on their reputation, committedness and class. I'm almost tempted to change my vote the more I think about it. As HABS mentioned, the talent pool wasn't as bad as he thought it would be when the league had 24 teams last season. Would it be absolutely terrible with 26 (for sake of discussion)? I mean, the list of players for this league is getting pretty thick with regulars, as oppose to the past when it was some regulars, sprinkled in with new guys. The more I look at the league players, the less I think there will be people dropping out (although I guess this can't ever be said with certainty).
  2. These guys are both highly-regarded in this community. However, I did vote no as well. For a few reasons: - diminished talent pool - even balance of 4 division/6 teams per/24 teams for scheduling purposes - having two QUALITY guys ready to play on the waiting list, ready to fill-in (because people will drop out)
  3. Haven't voted yet. So would the amount of non-snaking rounds in the hybrid draft be cut down to 2? Am in favor of voting whichever method deemed to bring the most fairness to the league... The non-playoff teams should be drafting ahead of the playoff teams- there should not, however, be such a huge advantage for the non-playoff team selecting first vs. the non-playoff team selecting eight. That gap needs to be closer in allowing all non-playoff teams to somewhat improve, not just one or two of them.
  4. Voted no. No more shenanigans please, hokkee, for real man...
  5. Voted no. Nothing personal AJ, lazy Electronic Arts.
  6. Agreed. Certainly looks like it could be the most successful GDL league season yet and you're leading the charge!
  7. Thanks 'Doncher for all of your hard work and initiative in getting this thing going/organized. You have done an outstanding job thus far in my opinion. Keep it up!
  8. Calgary first choice (if Logan would be willing to part)... Long Island, Winnipeg, Phoenix, Dallas, Toronto...
  9. Agreed- for only 30 available teams, there will be a ton of interested parties...
  10. LOL, no kidding Spikey! No way, no how, see ya!
  11. I don't think this league is dead at all. It is enjoyed by way too many to just go AWOL. Somebody will make it happen.
  12. It just might be nice to have another well-run league (with the help of this website) for players who might want a little more additional league action. As we get further into Fall, there will be other options I think for some: Genesis Draft League, Genesis Elite League, the league that Logan is working on, Genesis '91 League, etc. I really don't know if this idea would ever get off the ground with so many other leagues going on as well, just interested in seeing if players want to use updated rosters and teams in league play.
  13. After a few years, I'm still not sold on the shootout. I enjoy casually watching all-world players take breakaways against all-world netminders, but the shootout is a silly way to decide a game when points are on the line. Would much rather see them go to 3 on 3 after 5 minutes of 4 on 4 than going to the shootout.
  14. The NHLPA would probably fight to the death arguing that roster reduction would be taking away NHL jobs?
  15. The NHL needs to stop tossing around the idea of expansion franchises and fix the issues in markets like Nashville, Florida, Phoenix...
  16. Obviously, condolences for the man and his surrounding family. However, this might be a huge landmark moment for the Blackhawks returning to NHL competitiveness. Unless the team now belongs to someone who shares Wirtz's views... Is the funeral going to be blacked out?