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  1. I agree that NHL92-96 are amazing. and i know NHL95PC is a lot like NHL94 on genesis, only improved, but without ability to be manual goalie. don't get me wrong i love NHL95 on PC, and some of the other genesis games. I like NHL95PC, but there are certain limitations to the game compared to the genesis games. the two button control system is a little odd, considering i have a controller with 10 buttons! also, to ability to be a manual goalie! (even with only 2 buttons, you should be able to switch to goalie by holding down switch player!) also i wish there was a bigger (wider or longer) rink in NHL95PC (like the international size rink). i think if you had a bigger rink the game would be more fun, and more able to be played with a slower clock. after not playing this engine for a long time, I installed NHL95 PC again, and the clock issue bugged me. mainly because, well with the clock moving so fast, power plays are very short. i thought i remembered on one of the genesis games the ability to choose between actual minutes or minutes fast forwarded counting down from 20:00, but maybe it was PS2.
  2. yeah i was a little confused with the clock running so fast. i am used to more modern games where the clock runs at normal speed. and the fact that NBA Live 95 on DOS has a normal speed clock. in NHL95PC and all the NHL games that generation (genesis, snes) have the faster clock. it's been so long since i played those games i completely forgot about that. so i don't think there's any paranormal activity haha. Kiba, isn't it strange though that : modern NHL games : normal speed clock NHL95 era games : fast speed clock Modern NBA games : normal speed clock NBA Live 95 era games : normal speed clock Modern FIFA / soccer games : fast speed clock (no continuous clock option) Fifa Soccer 94 era games : normal speed clock (with continuous clock option) this is weird to me. why is time normal speed in NBA Live 95 but double or triple speed in NHL95? Is time more valuable in the basketball or something? In soccer games, it's the opposite of NHL95. time is normal speed in Fifa 94 or the Dos game Fifa international soccer but yet, in FIFA 13 you can't even have a normal speed clock. (you can't just play a half to 10 actual minutes like you could in the older games ; it's always to 45 minutes with the clock moving very fast) I never understood why games speed up the clock. imo the clock should always move at the speed of a real clock. a second should always be a second in a game. that's what confused me. do you think there anyway to slow down the clock to normal speed through hexing HOCKEY.EXE in NHL95?
  3. My copy of the game is legit. But I've tried a few different versions and added a few patches. there's a few versions of HOCKEY.EXE floating around there. i tried going back to the original HOCKEY.EXE, but maybe trying those patches messed something up. also i am emulating the game. i'm going to try re-installing through the emulator. something about the time is messed up. Wait a second Kiba! I realized that the game is working fine, it's just that the clock is moving very fast!! The clock moves faster in NHL. I was just playing NBA Live 95 on DOS PC and in that game the clock moves normal speed. But in NHL95 PC and I guess the console hockey games (genesis) the clock just moves fast! I guess i just never realized that the clock moved fast in NHL! I want to try to slow down the clock to move at regular speed!
  4. Kiba, it is quite strange to me too. this is what is happening. when i set period length to 5 or 20, it starts at 20 minutes but the clock moves very fast. (only 5 actual minutes) if i select period length to 10 minute, well then it starts at 10 minutes but still the clock moves very fast. (as if it's 5 minutes or even less) this is bizarre i don't remember it doing this when i used to play NHL95. maybe it has to do with how i installed the game. i created that nhl.cfg file so i can run the game from the HD without the CD. this is before i even edited HOCKEY.EXE or used your patch. and even after i use your patch, it doesn't change anything. it's still the same. it's very bizarre.
  5. Hello Kiba. Is it true that in NHL95 PC the period length selection does not work? I noticed that time did not increase to 10 or 20 min periods even when i changed it. (i find this amazing - how could this bug have gotten past the developer?) Anyway, I tried your program to solve this program, but I am not having success. I even tried hex editing HOCKEY.EXE (to do what your program does) by changing 112E9E and 112E9F like you said. (made those values equal to 20 mins) but still no change to 20 mins when I select 5 mins in the game. after changing the hex, I start up the game, then go to Exhibition settings, i try 5 or 20 min period. but no matter what I select, the clock always starts at 20:00, but moves very fast acting as if it is 5 minute period. i'm surprised it did not work because I think I have edited HOCKEY.EXE correctly.