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  1. Hi, Could be one of two things, Firstly if I remember correctly Tilemolester was written in Java, check you have the right version of the JRE (Java Runtime Environment) installed, The other thing it could be the language files for some reason havent been copied over correctly, to check this go to your tile molester folder and go to your languages folder and then ensure you have file called Let me know if this helps!
  2. Sure, What sort of project do you have in mind?
  3. Hi Guys, Its a been a fair few years since I have logged in to this forum and to my amazement my account is still active :0! Only differences now is that I am professional programmer but still share a passion for hacking Roms
  4. I think I have this game somewhere! The faceoff series was awesome!
  5. I was playing this ROM, this morning, It is pretty awesome!! I will be releasing a newer version of NHL 89 soon!
  6. I take it you mean the number underneath the player star (For example Steve Yzerman's jersey Number is 19, so underneath the player star it would display 19), I once changed the number to black by fluke, I changed the wrong Hex Value while trying to edit the Ice colour! I will expirement with NHL 94 and I will get back to you on changing the player number!
  7. Oh right!! Well I hope 1.3 happens! I just wish I could be of assistance but I don't know VB very well, I am more of a Java man myself!
  8. I don't know how difficult this is to implement in VB but is there any chance of adding a player card previewer, if the hex address of Steve Yzerman picture was typed in, then the program could use TM or TLP to decrypt the picture! Also changing colours of teams on the start up section, so for example in my current ROM that I am making, I have the Alberta Oilers but when I go to select them, they have Anahiem colors, if NOSE had a way of changing the colors with ease that would be great! Anyway thats my recommendations!
  9. I did NHL 89 a while back, if you need help with editing the rosters or anything let me know!
  10. Steveyzerman

    NOSE for SNES?

    Hey Mike, If you need help, then let me know, I know VB & Java!
  11. Wow! I cant believe it Writz is dead
  12. Awesome, I have always wanted to play a WHA hack!
  13. Were these cards released in the UK because I am an avid card collector
  14. Try using Kega Fusion! lol, Thanks, I love the colour green by the way!
  15. it has worked for me and everyone else, what do you get on the screen and what emulator are you using!
  16. Thanks for the advice clockwise, some of the logos could use some working on especially the NY Rangers logo, I could really use some help with the logos and editing the rink tiles as well. Canada uniforms are yucky and they will be fixed. I got to do redo Gretsky again, I messed up some stats without thinking. I think I might have deleted Bobby Smith's entry by mistake, I will put him back in, sorry for that mess up. I think it is safe to say there will be another release of NHL 89, so keep your eyes peeled!
  17. I have just released the next version (the link is on the first post of this topic) Changes made: Fixed both colour bugs when certain teams were selected Edited player stats to conform with the 87 - 88 season Changed all ridiculous ratings ie: Cliff Ronning was a overall 92 and now he is an 82 Changed to be made Need to still fix Americas and Canadas logo Enjoy and if there is any problems or bugs please let me know.
  18. Hey there, Here is the offset for the first player card: 120294 then add 36A to that number to get the next card. For the rest of the offsets look at Wboys post seeing he wrote a whole documentation on it.;.0\.zip Good luck with your rom hack!
  19. I have edited those Nicholls is 86 and Carpenter is 78, I will release the next rom when I fixed the colour bug and I found a new bug in the game which I need to fix. I will relase a newer version soon!
  20. Use Wboys 30 team rom as the rom has unique player cards already!
  21. The colour bug I will look at, I will change Bernie Nicholl's stats and I will change Bobby Carpenter's shot as well in the next version and I am delighted you liked the game. This will be changing, roughly in about 9 months... lol, Oh really! thanks Mack
  22. Hey guys, I have just finished off my NHL 89 hack, it has kept being delayed due to technical failures (much like Microsoft and Sony's products, lol). The Rom is based in the 88-89 season where Calgary won thier last Stanley cup also the last canadian showdon in the playoffs. There is a bug in the game which does not display America's and canada's logo properly. Also if there is any errors in the rosters such as player ratings and etc, then PM me and I will put them in the next version of this game. I was not around during the NHL 88-89 season so there may be mistakes. Anyway enjoy this