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  1. I tried to play this game on Fusion and when selecting teams, best of 7 playoffs etc. the controller always scrolls past the next option instead of moving up or down in sequence or left or right in sequence; instead It hops 2 places instead of one. Other roms do not do this. any insight as to why for example I can not select 'Playoffs best of 7' as the controller toggles past it each and every time? Thank you
  2. thank you for your efforts!
  3. Can't wait ! (just please make sure to make Matt Read right handed--so many make him left handed)
  4. Thank you for your efforts!! (#24 on the Flyers (Matt Read isn't Left handed)
  5. Thank you for your hard work (and to everyone else who contributed to this).
  6. Thank you kind sir! I'm anxious to play it!
  7. First off, thank you so much for creating this ROM! It's been hours of fun for me! I do have one question though--when I do a new's always the same 2 teams facing off in round 1...(philly vs Tampa, DAL vs COLUMBUS)--is there a way to change the team matchups in round 1? I have toggled left and right repeatedly..thank you for any help!
  8. and I was able to follow these instructions: - extract contents and launch "Lunar IPS.exe" - click "Apply IPS Patch" - when prompted to "Select IPS File to USE" select "NHL12 Playoffs.ips" - when prompted to "Select File to Patch" change "Files of type" to "All Files" - select your nhl94.bin file and click open - click "Ok" after "The file was successfully patched!" prompt and close Lunar IPS.exe - rename nhl94.bin (file size should now be 2,048 KB) to: NHL12 Playoffs.bin