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  1. Nice work. I have decided not to make a '23 rom this year myself, but I trust you and AdamCatalyst to carry the torch!
  2. Trade deadline updated rom now available in the first post
  3. Honestly I haven't messed with this setting in several years. I set it in one of my hacks a long time again and just kept it. I thought I was setting speed boost to 75%, and it feels that way, but feel free to test and compare with the original rom.
  4. Yeah, I tried that vignette shadow on recent title graphics but it just looked bad here.
  5. Thanks for the comments. I’m out of town this weekend but I’ll make some edits soon. I’ll also take another crack at some of the graphics. I always use the ditherer for images, but the title screen didn’t turn out great and I’ll start from scratch. Regarding the Kraken logo, the source graphic is fine but the same weird corruption thing randomly happened to the Devils logo on some of my old roms. I don’t know why, but I’ll try re-importing. Maybe I am getting lazy, lol.
  6. UPDATE: Trade deadline update available in this post. The main purpose here was to get all the trade deadline moves applied, and update every team's starting lineup and player ratings to reflect how this season has actually gone. Comments and suggestions are welcome, although I will be unavailable for the next two weeks so fixes will have to wait until then. Yes, the annual classic is back! By now you know the drill. Up-to-date rosters, uniforms, logos, graphics, player pictures, etc.. Hacks: clockwise sprite hack, smoz 3-stars hack, weight bug fix, and speed burst set to 75% of original rom Graphic hacks: faceoff boxes, goalie crease, benches, goal light Post with any errors you find and I'll do a relatively quick 1.01 update. Enjoy! NHL 2022 by naples39.zip NHL 2022 by naples39 v101.bin
  7. New version uploaded to put in Brooks for Vesey on the Leafs.
  8. Ah, thanks for the tip. I actually did put Vesey on the Canucks, but I guess I forgot to delete him from the Leafs. I'll upload a new version in a few days to see if anyone catches anything else.
  9. Yeah, in the works. Trades all done, but still reviewing some player ratings and lines for updating. Hopefully I'll be done soon.
  10. SJ wasn't allowed to play a home game forever so I didn't see their current 30th anniversary ice logo (if it was even unveiled?). I will work on it for the deadline update!
  11. Hah, that is hilarious! Maybe for the trade deadline update.
  12. Thanks. I will make those changes!
  13. Bump for new rom upload, v1.1 with updated rosters, ratings, and a new title screen.
  14. And thanks for the suggestions on new cover shot. I'll look for a cool shot of Pasta/MacKinnon/McDavid/Hedman...someone like that, but probably the coolest shot I find will win.
  15. Thanks! I can't get possibly catch everything by myself so I appreciate the tip.
  16. Yeah, it is pretty goofy to have Kucherov as startup pic now! I'm open to suggestions for a new pic/player.
  17. Shouldn't be that big a deal, although I didn't expect the trade to literally come within 12 hours LOL. I'll give it a few days to see if anyone catches a few bugs and then I'll upload a new version.
  18. BUMP for 1.0 release in top post!
  19. I’m out of town until Wednesday, so once I get back it’s a matter of how fast I can work finalizing rosters based on opening day squads. Hopefully just a few days.
  20. I will update the jerseys when the season starts. I was using screen shots from NHL21 as a guide for pants and helmets, but will verify everything for the 1.0 release. I will probably not do a normal version and a reverse retro jersey version, or have retro logos. I like having the reverse retro jerseys this year to mix things up and make this year's ROM unique, and I don't have the interest or time to maintain parallel versions.
  21. The music definitely works. How to set it up depends on the file format of your Sega CD iso. You could have an iso plus a bunch of mp3 files. It could be bin/cue files. I have all my Sega CD games converted into chd files. So yeah, it definitely works, but the 'how' gets a little messy.
  22. I thought people here would want to know! It's free if you subscribe to either of those services, and is a 323MB download on Xbox.
  23. 1.21 (trade deadline) update now available in this post: -Rosters/lines as of trade deadline -Ratings updates -New title screen -v1.21 uploaded to remove Vesey from Leafs Okay, 1.0 release is ready! The usuals: -Updated rosters, logos, graphics, and player portraits for all NLC starters -clockwise sprite hack, smoz 3-stars hack, weight bug fix, and speed burst set to 75% of original rom -Several graphic hacks for crease, benches, goal light, faceoff boxes, etc... Unique to this year: -All teams are using reverse retro jerseys to replace their away/light or home/dark as applicable! (see screen shots) -COL, MIN, and WPG with special anniversary center ice logos -Players who are out long term but may return at some point (Toews, Kucherov, Tarasenko...) are on the roster but on the bench. Players out for year (Klefbom) removed from roster. All feedback always welcome! I do not plan on doing constant updates, but may do a quick 1.01 update for bugs (and/or if Dubois is traded in the next few days) nhl 2021 by naples39 12-4 beta.bin NHL 2021 by naples39.zip NHL 2021 by naples39 1.1.bin NHL 2021 by naples39 1.21.zip
  24. Man, this stuff was a blast from the past. I think I did three seasons, and I really don't remember that first one with St. Louis at all. I do remember season 2 I was the number one seed with Calgary but lost in the first round of the playoffs because kgman was a late replacement coach and he turned the league upside down. I won my third season after that epic 7-game series in the finals against kgman, although I'll be the first to admit there's an asterisk on the title because I was using Chicago... I guess I was 25 at the time and in law school. Of course then I retired from competitive play and switched the rom making side LOL.
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