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  1. You guys know the drill with my roms by now! Naples39-WorldCup2016.zip
  2. I could provide some help with a ROM like this, but I'm not up to doing all the rosters and player ratings for teams with a bunch of non-NHL players. I could probably do most of the graphics work (logos, uniforms, banners, etc...).
  3. Thanks for the kind words. Glad some people are enjoying it, and it's this weird hobby I've kind of adopted. WC rom is ready to go once we get some more info on uniforms numbers, maybe line info. And I'm still not 100% clear on pants/helmet color for Czech and Russia.
  4. Okay guys, new ROM. I'll call it 1.2 -Pens uniforms - Black/home is retro style from my 89 ROM, white/away is modern style with pale gold -Pens logo - still modern style with pale gold in menus (officially changes in 17!) -WSH center ice logo - used the capitals text logo from my 89 rom Thanks for the comments. I know the Caps text logo is what they use now on center ice, but I tried and failed to use it before. Didn't even think to check my old ROMs if I had acceptable version in there. nhl2016-deadline1.2.zip
  5. Yeah, at some point designing the jerseys with the all the limitations in 94 is more a matter of feel than accuracy. Like one version could be closer to actual arm stripes or whatever, but when on the ice it doesn't 'feel' like there's enough yellow in it, or whatever. I'll keep fiddling on the way NHL 17 release.
  6. For you Pens fans, here's a custom ROM that's my NHL 16 deadline ROM, but with the retro jerseys the Pens will be wearing next season (both white and black are in retro style/color). nhl2016-deadline1.1-RETRO Pens.bin
  7. I'm glad to have a fan! All the old deadline ROMs had speed burst at 50%, but after a user comment I put it at 75% for 2016. Either way seems like an improvement to me. Right now my only plans are for 2017, and a World Cup ROM this fall. I'm probably not going to do individual season ROMs for years from 2000s. It's just a lot of work and the reward seemed out of balance. Unless I get really bored....
  8. Editing the music is a whole different beast, and none of the NHL editors do it. The organ music is wrong for teams because I never even tried to change it! About the only thing I left alone.
  9. I'm glad you like it. I chose to stick with the original player rating scale--only all-star forwards get above mid-70s rating, and damn few get above low-80s. 'Solid' players will usually be between 68-71.
  10. I'm already doing some work on a NHL17 opening day ROM and already changed the Pens jersey colors for that version along with all the other updates. I like those retro colors much better too! I could send you guys a custom ROM if you guys really can't wait ~3 months for the new ROM, although it would technically be inaccurate for 16 so the ugly colors stay in the 'official' ROM. Changing uniform design is pretty simple, but the uniform uses the same palette as the center ice logo. Thus when you change the jersey colors you have to re-import that center ice logo to match the revised palette. It's a 3 minute task.
  11. So I did one last update to my ROM with trade deadline rosters now that the Cup is over. Please let me know if you find any bugs to fix. Next up, WC rom, then NHL 2017! Enjoy! nhl2016-deadline1.1.zip
  12. Whoops, I must've forgot to do the numbers for the Kings when I added players! EDIT: I fixed those Kings numbers, and found about 5 or 6 other wrong numbers on other teams. They'll be fixed in 1.1 that I'll release in a week or two after testing to catch more bugs.
  13. I'm uploading 1.0 of my NHL 16 deadline ROM. As you would expect, it's an update to my NHL 16 rom from the fall (thread here). Basic features list -Rosters, lines and player ratings update through the trade deadline -graphics hacks to the crease, coaches and goalies on bench, goalie trapezoid, faceoff boxes -player photos for no-line-changes starting lineups -uniforms made with clockwise player sprite hack for more should/arm customization options -checking/weight bug fix -speed burst effect set at 75% of original rom (was 50% in previous rom) Comments welcome, particularly if you see any bugs or obvious things to change. Thanks! nhl2016-deadline1.0.zip
  14. What do you mean exactly when you say "fix"? Either way, the roms are editable with the latest version on NOSE, so you can set them to whatever you like.
  15. Hmmm, I'll consider that. I wouldn't want big guys to be useless. Thanks for the tip.
  16. Hey, what's up. I was just playing this ROM yesterday thinking you wouldn't have approved of all the organ tunes being out of order!!
  17. Thanks for the comments everyone. If you see a bug or have a suggested change, please feel free. Also, I forgot to list that smoz weight bug fix is part of the hack.
  18. I've been pretty busy recently and haven't been able to test this as much as I hoped, but I figured it's about time I uploaded this. Comments welcome. I don't plan on doing frequent updates other than bugs, although maybe a mid-season ratings update or something. I will definitely do a trade deadline update. Enjoy! nhl2016-naples39.zip
  19. That's a great idea, but I don't think it can be done. I think the way hacking # of skaters on ice works is that it applies all the time, not just OT.
  20. Cool. Don't forget I'll be releasing the 1.0 version shortly after opening day with opening day rosters. If you have any suggestions before then, I'm all ears.
  21. Thanks! You are the master and I only starting doing hacks again when you stopped making your fantastic updated roms.
  22. It's pretty cool to have. It still doesn't quite fit the mold of infinitely hackable, but it's a cool alternative. I don't think I'm going to work on anything though, because NHL15PC by goodbyeccha already does pretty much everything I would try to do.
  23. Thanks guys. These responses came much faster than I expected. I know a lot of hacking information was out there upon digging, but often times the limits don't present themselves until you are knee deep in effort and you're like "man, why did I even bother." Maybe I'll do a little testing amd tale a look at what others have accomplished.
  24. Pardon the laziness, but where do things stand on editing '95 PC? I've done a bunch of 94 GENS full season roms, but was recently intrigued about 95 PC mods. -Can you change the rosters/player ratings fully? I assume this is an easy yes, although I haven't tried it. -Can you change the team's uniforms? Also looks like yes, and fairly straightforward -Can you change the team menu graphics (logos, jerseys during team selection)? -Can you change the number of teams available for selection? I've always had a dream to make a rom with hundreds of teams in it, although 30 on PC would be a nice start. -What graphics can you edit on the ice? Lines, center ice logos? I'm no wizard, and I just do mods with tools and hacks discovered by others. Any info from someone with hands-on experience would be appreciated. Thanks!
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